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Margaret-Maxwell-cropBy: Margaret Maxwell
Beta Lambda, University of Arizona

As a (then) fairly young chapter advisor for Beta Lambda chapter at the University of Arizona, new member Holly Yarger didn’t cross my radar very much—I guess which meant she wasn’t one of the members who needed a lot of attention. (Chapter advisors everywhere know how grateful we were for those members.)

Holly’s Greek participation soon turned to Panhellenic activities, culminating in becoming the University of Arizona Panhellenic president. Where, as Panhellenic president during a fall recruitment, she had occasion to vigorously “scold” me for allowing a preference party note to escape the house with a potential new member. When I recount this story, Holly tends to pretend she doesn’t recall that conversation.

After leaving school, Holly married her college beau, Scott Polston, a Kappa Sigma brother. In 1992, she began Garment Graphics, a small business providing embroidered uniforms for local parochial schools in a small retail space, while her husband Scott worked in the car sales industry. During this time, Holly and Scott added Ryan and Meagan to their family.

Holly’s business grew, and soon required additional space, as she added advertising items and silk screening to her catalog of business items. Now in a much larger location, Holly was able to stretch to offer embroidered items to a much larger audience, including many University of Arizona departments, and specialty items for local groups. After leaving car sales, Scott has joined the business which employs 15. Garment Graphics has successfully bid on many large University of Arizona orders, including t-shirts for the student’s “Zona Zoo,” ESPN’s Game Day and the Wildcat Club favors, for example. (An example of all the Garment Graphics offerings may be seen at .)

During these years, Holly and Scott watched Ryan go off to and graduate from West Point and begin medical school and daughter Meagan head off to Hillsdale College in Michigan.

In spite of this busy schedule, Holly agreed to be the chapter advisor for Beta Lambda following the recent re-colonization, which was extremely successful. Beta Lambda chapter is now among the larger Panhellenic chapters and on October 17th, will have 100 new initiates.

It has been a privilege to watch Holly mature into a savvy business woman and as the loyal Alpha Chi she is today.


  1. Susan Esco Chandler |

    Holly is the real deal: an original Real. Strong. Woman.
    Thank you, Max, for giving a great shout out to our sister!
    She is one of my heroes!

  2. Morgan Recely Goetz |

    So proud of what she has accomplished and help to Beta Lambda. I got involved in Panhellenic because of her. One of my best college experiences. Way to go. Sorry I am missing this weekend.