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Carolyn WinebarBy Carolyn Winebar
Traveling Consultant, Region 1
Gamma Mu, Ball State University

August 4, 2016 is a day I will never forget for it was the day that began my journey of self-improvement, insight and opportunity. It was the day headquarters released the consultants from our five-week training into Alpha Chi Omega-land. On August 4th I took my first ever solo flight, my first connecting flight and had my first interaction with collegians as a chapter consultant. As a collegian myself, I idolized the consultants who visited my chapter. They were sophisticated, professional and well-spoken women. They always had the right answer to every question, never doubted themselves and knew who they were. This intimidated and inspired me. These women packed up their lives each week to set out on a new journey with a new chapter. How could I ever do that job? Well, these are the top ten things I’ve learned as a consultant so far, and you could learn as a consultant too.

10.  Consultants are advocates. We do this job because once we, too, had a consultant who  did it for us.

9.  Adaptability, willingness to ask for help and commitment to Alpha Chi Omega’s mission of enriching the lives of members through lifetime opportunities of friendship, leadership, learning and service (Alpha Chi Omega Mission Statement) are fundamental to the chapter consultant position.

8.  Flying over 15,000 miles in two and a half months has taught me the value of airplane etiquette.

a. First, respect other airplane passengers. Do not push in front of them and roll over their feet with your bag when de-boarding a plan. Everyone is going out the same door and will encounter each other again.

b. Second, have patience when waiting for luggage at the baggage claim. Yes, everyone is tired and wants their bags as well, but there is no use making a fuss. The bags will arrive when they arrive, and until then we will all avoid eye contact.

c. Finally, one day, you will fall asleep and wake up to another passenger watching you. This is normal, do not freak out. Close your eyes and rest once more, you deserve it.

7.  Being a chapter consultant will empower, challenge and enrich your life. Every day you will wake up grateful that this is what you do for a living.

6.  Occasionally, or maybe a lot, collegians will believe you are much older than twenty-two or twenty-three. Take this as a compliment for this means they see you as capable, knowledgeable and confident. And you are.

5.  Having the opportunity to be a collegiate member of Alpha Chi Omega is a privilege and a benefit. Being a chapter consultant will further deepen your understanding of the intricacies of this organization, and you will appreciate every moment you may have taken for granted during your college years.

4.  Positivity has the power to change every facet of your life and will foster strong feelings of sisterhood.

3.  You will begin to feel personally connected to the Founders and wonder if you could have the courage to begin something so phenomenal.

(The answer is yes, you could and you will, if you believe you can.)

2.  When you begin this journey, you will wonder if you will ever be able to positively impact anyone. But what you won’t realize, until you begin traveling, is that it is each woman you meet will be the one creating the impact, and this is what truly matters.

1.  Alpha Chi Omega women are unlike any others. They are strong, independent, intellectual women who have the passion and means to change the world. And I feel honored to call every woman in this organization, sister.

Check out our consultant Instagram page @axocc to follow along on our journeys this year, and visit the Becoming a Consultant page for more information about the position.

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