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Together let us seek the heights

BOT_LindsayVise_webBy: Lindsay Vise
Omicron, Baker University
Trustee; Alpha Chi Omega Foundation Board of Trustees

When I am asked to describe Megan Meyers, 2000 initiate of the Phi chapter at University of Kansas, my typical response is that she is the nicest, most generous person I know. It’s a simple statement, and probably not adequate, but it’s the best I can come up with to describe someone who not only pursues her own dreams but encourages those around her to realize their own as well.

Megan and I were both newly graduated from college when we met and became friends. We were starting a time in our lives when we were identifying our dreams  and how we could achieve them.

In the past 13 years, I have watched my amazingly talented friend pursue her dreams, many of which have been influenced by Alpha Chi Omega. She participated in the alumnae Global Service Initiative, traveled to new locations and enhanced her facilitation skills. Maybe she would have done all of these things without Alpha Chi Omega, but I know Alpha Chi Omega made her more confident.

We often credit Alpha Chi Omega with giving us the confidence to accomplish what we wouldn’t have otherwise. To me, that means Alpha Chi Omega gives us sisters like Megan, who not only set an example of working toward our dreams, but also passionately support and encourage the dreams of their sisters. This is truly what our Founders meant when they said, “Together let us seek the heights.”

Megan has been involved in the accomplishment of so many of my dreams, and I am thankful to Alpha Chi Omega for giving us the opportunity to share our dreams together. I am also thankful to Alpha Chi Omega for providing opportunities to women like Megan that allow her to continue to pursue her dreams.


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  1. Kendra Buscho |

    Megan is truly an example for all sisters, both new and seasoned in our fraternity. She has pearls of wisdom and brings harmony to any organization she is involved with but it is the beauty of her spirit which makes her a real, strong woman and makes me honored to not only call her my friend but also my sister.