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The Lyre, Summer 2009 / Celebrating the Gamma Theta Chapter House


When the University of Maryland announced the renovation of its “Graham Cracker” properties, a block of university owned sorority housing, the Gamma Theta chapter of Alpha Chi Omega was one of the first on the list. Thanks to state bonds from the university and supplemental funds from the National Housing Corporation, the chapter house is one of the latest and greatest housing projects of our organization.

In the fall of 2007, the make-over officially began by tearing down, out and apart the entire house; all that was left of the house was the frame. Furnaces, flooring, roofing and more were completely replaced and brought up-to-code. The house was equipped with a brand new commercial kitchen and two study areas, something the original house never had. The house is now up to ADA government standards and is considered “green” housing—light fixtures and equipment are low wattage, and a recycling program has been implemented.

This past spring, members of the Gamma Theta chapter were able to move back to their much-loved sorority home. The women have been enjoying the “brand new” chapter house ever since.

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  1. jennsueb |

    I’m so excited to see the new and improved Gamma Theta house! I was an advisor there 1998-2001 and it was a great house with women who represented themselves well on campus. I read on their website they continue to win UMD and National AXO awards – AMAZING. keep it up ladies … you make an advisor (even a former one) proud! YITB