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The Lyre, Summer 2009 / Alpha Chi Omega Coming Back to UCLA


For more than a decade, Alpha Chi Omegas in southern California have anticipated reopening the Alpha Psi chapter at the University of California – Los Angeles. Well, sisters, the time has come! This fall, the women of UCLA will have another option. Alpha Chi Omega will grace the campus to recruit those women who want to feel the difference themselves and create the difference for others.

Exciting opportunities loom on the horizon, not only for potential new members at UCLA, but for Alpha Psi alumnae, southern California collegians and alumnae, and Alpha Chi Omega members across the country who are energized about the future of Alpha Chi Omega as a whole.

With the current average chapter size on UCLA’s campus at 130, the bar is high right out of the gate! When opening a new chapter or recolonizing a closed chapter, it is imperative to make a splash from the beginning. Alpha Chi Omega is preparing to do just that. It’s time to get real, anticipate what it will take to be a success at UCLA, and make things happen!

The conversation starts here.

Can you spare some time?

Coordination between Headquarters staff, local alumnae, local collegians, campus Panhellenic and university administrators is key to a smooth introduction of Alpha Chi Omega. A colonization team is being established to guide the process. There will be opportunities to participate in the colonization process as well as ongoing roles as advisors, mentors, and special projects teams. You will begin to see marketing efforts this summer, which began with a web site dedicated to providing information about Alpha Chi Omega to potential new members. Check it out at But, we need to do more. If your professional background is such that you could volunteer your time and expertise to assist with getting the word out, we’d like to hear from you. Are you a graphic designer, printer, event planner, or someone with boundless energy and enthusiasm for Alpha Chi Omega and the idea of organization growth? Let us hear from you. If you’ve got the time and/or talent to assist the local colonization committee, please contact Jana Accaccia at

Can you spare a dime?

When the Alpha Psi chapter closed in 1996, the local house corporation did not sell the Alpha Chi Omega house in the hopes that the chapter would be revived in the future. Instead, it has been rented to boarders for the past 12 years. Now, plans are being made for major renovations anticipating the return of tenants who live in the Alpha Chi Omega bond.

While the local house corporation, led by Mary Davids, Chi, Oregon State University, has worked hard through the years to ensure that the frame, or structure , of the property has been well maintained and is in good condition, the time has come to focus on the public areas of the residence.

“A beautiful, up-to-date and classy looking house is a must when it comes to recruiting new members,” she says. “It will create a very positive image as the young women contemplate being a part of the new Alpha Psi chapter.”

Cosmetic updates include paint, carpeting throughout, and refurbished bathrooms and study hall. In addition to these aesthetic and continued structural repairs, living necessities such as furniture, mattresses and kitchenware will need to be purchased.

The local house corporation’s goal is to have the facility in move-in condition for the 2010-11 academic year. Your contributions are crucial to meeting that goal. The Alpha Psi House Association needs your support today!

For more information on how you can help the Alpha Psi House Association, contact Mary Davids at Donations may be mailed to:

Alpha Psi House Association
c/o Treasurer
638 Hilgard Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90024


  1. Jen Daurora |

    I can’t wait to hear how things go at UCLA! I know our team will be successful in recruiting wonderful new Alpha Chi Omegas to our sisterhood. Special thanks to all the volunteers who are helping – can’t wait to see your pictures!

  2. Audra Levi Priluck |

    I am so honored to work on the colonization committee for this exciting endeavor! This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.