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The Lyre, Fall 2011 / Showing Commitment for Tomorrow, Today

scarletThe Alpha Chi Omega Foundation is proud to honor our collegiate donors through membership in a unique giving society called the Scarlet Ribbon Club. With gifts of $18.85, these women can make a difference in the lives of their sisters all across the country. With the first donation to the Scarlet Ribbon Club, each member receives a scarlet crystal dangle for her lyre badge. This dangle is not just an accessory; it symbolizes the member’s commitment to the future of Alpha Chi Omega and shows her pride in being a donor to the Foundation.

Scarlet Ribbon Club Challenge

This year, the Foundation challenged each chapter to have all collegiate members join the Scarlet Ribbon Club. The Foundation is excited to announce that, with 44 percent of its chapter members being donors to the Scarlet Ribbon Club, the Omicron chapter at Baker University has the largest percentage of women involved! When asked why such an initiative was appealing to the chapter women, Omicron Chapter President Molly Schmeidler explained that, as college students, they all have financial obligations—car payments, tuition, books, Alpha Chi Omega dues—but just because they are still in school does not mean they do not want to support Alpha Chi Omega efforts.

“At Omicron chapter, we believe in the big picture of Alpha Chi, and that mission would not be possible without the support of the Foundation,” said Molly. “Once we had a better understanding of the Foundation and got over any misconceptions, we wanted to give. And $18.85 seemed completely doable! The Scarlet Ribbon Club is a wonderful opportunity for collegians to show their commitment to Alpha Chi Omega.”

Collegians (and alumnae), why should you contribute to the Foundation?

Giving means more scholarships and grants for collegiate and alumnae members. It means that more campuses across the country will get to hear Andrea Cooper speak about the tragic yet inspirational story of her daughter with “Kristin’s Story.” Giving means more financial support for the enhancement of existing Fraternity programming and the development of new, exciting initiatives such as MyJourney, the Alcohol Skills Training Program, InTune and global service projects. Giving to the Foundation ensures that the Alpha Chi Omega experience meets the needs of women both today and tomorrow.

Thank you again to the Omicron chapter and all of our Scarlet Ribbon Club members for your outstanding commitment to the future of our organization!

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