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The Lyre, Fall 2009 / Would You Invest in the Alpha Chi Experience?

Anneby Anne E. Helliwell, Chair, Foundation Board of Trustees
(Gamma Iota, University of Florida)

We all would like to be able to give monetary support to those organizations we believe in and that are making a difference. However, most of us have a limited number of dollars with which we can give; and therefore, need to be careful with our contributions. We want to be as generous as we can; we want our gifts to be used wisely and to have the most impact on those we are trying to help. Perhaps we should look at our charitable gifts as if we were buying stock in a company and ask ourselves, “Is the organization something I would invest in?”
Would you invest in an organization that is stable and has a proven track record?
Philanthropy and helping others has always been a part of the ritual and values of Alpha Chi Omega. Our organization was established in 1885 and over the past 125 years has enabled women to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.  Would you invest in an organization that is meeting its purpose? When you make a donation to the Foundation, you are investing in Alpha Chi Omega and the transformative experience that is available to every woman. You are helping provide programming and other services that meet our members’ needs. The Foundation gives you the vehicle to invest in the future of Alpha Chi Omega through effective fundraising and stewardship of financial resources. In addition, the Foundation provides much needed financial assistance in the form of scholarships and grants.

Would you invest in an organization that is governed by people you respect?
The leaders of Alpha Chi Omega are your sisters. These are women who not only understand and are committed to their fiduciary responsibilities, but who also want Alpha Chi Omega to continue having a positive impact by using each dollar received wisely and effectively. Each woman is a Foundation donor; they are real women working to making a real difference.

Would you invest in an organization that has a vision for the future?
Alpha Chi Omega honors our heritage, celebrates our past and looks toward our future. We have achieved great heights, but are always seeking new ones. Donations to the Foundation enable the Fraternity to stay relevant with programs and services which enhance the Alpha Chi Omega experience. The Foundation is an integral part of the Fraternity’s strategic plan.

Would you invest in an organization that others believe in?
Women like you believe in the Alpha Chi Omega experience and show it by supporting the Foundation. These are women who have a commitment to philanthropy. Women who believe that, regardless of the amount, their dollars can and do make a difference in the lives and futures of others.  These are Real.Strong.Women.

Would you invest in the Alpha Chi Omega Experience?
I hope the answer is yes!

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