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The Chapter Consultant Career Choice: A Parent’s Perspective


By: Valerie and Giancarlo Magliocchetti
Parents of Maree Magliocchetti, Past Chapter Consultant

For those of you who know Maree, you know of her strong will and determination, especially once she sets her mind on something. As her parents we know it all too well, so when she announced to us that she couldn’t be more excited about a job offer as a chapter consultant for Alpha Chi Omega we knew two things. The first was that she was going to take the job, the second that she was going to devote her heart and soul into it and we couldn’t be happier or prouder of our daughter.

Throughout her years at the University of New Hampshire we watched as she grew into the impressive woman who stood before us on the eve of her graduation, and we knew that Alpha Chi Omega had something to do with it. We were excited for our daughter but we would be lying if we said we weren’t a little apprehensive about the chapter consultant opportunity.  She had always been independent, but her leaving home and traveling for however long worried us. Maree is one of our five kids and as a family we are very close. We of course would miss her greatly but we were most concerned about how she would feel away from her friends and family. Would she get home sick? Was she safe? We knew Maree could do anything she set her mind to, but was this the right professional move for her?

It didn’t take long for our concerns to dissolve. Her enthusiasm and happiness rang clear in our frequent conversations. It often seemed unfathomable that she could be as energetic and excited as she was with the pace at which she traveled, but as time went on we realized it was because she was thriving in the environment in which she found herself. We would inquire about her safety and if she was home sick with all the travel. She responded with, “I miss my family and friends a tremendous amount, but I’m not homesick nor am I unsafe because I am always surrounded by sisters.”  It became a favorite family pastime to hear the stories she had to tell from the places she had visited. We couldn’t believe some of the challenges and firsts she was experiencing. We would ask if it ever got too much for her to handle and she would say “it’s not always easy but it is during the difficult tasks that I find myself growing the most.” And grow she did.Maree_blog2

The truth is there were moments when Maree was homesick; there were times when life’s unexpected turns gave her reason to question whether she should continue traveling away from home. There were times when tasks appeared even too daunting for our daughter to overcome. But for all of those times there were moments that proved to us and to Maree, that working for her organization as a chapter consultant is where she needed to be. The kinds of moments when hard work paid off, when she left a trip knowing she helped a chapter break though a barrier and accomplish a goal that seemed impossible. There were moments of humble reflection when she visited somewhere she had only read about in books or seen in movies; or met someone from across the country who helped her see something in a way she hadn’t before. Moments when she would talk about her renewed faith in humanity as she marveled at the kindness and compassion she found in the women with whom she worked. It goes without saying but the the joy we felt as parents hearing her describe the moments above was incredible. So when the time came for her to discuss with us the opportunity to travel an additional year, we couldn’t help but empower her to accept.

The last of our concerns, whether this was the right professional move for her was answered at the end of her journey working for Alpha Chi Omega. After hearing all of the different skills she was developing as chapter consultant we knew that this role could take her anywhere, it was just a matter of figuring out where she wanted to be. Maree decided that she wanted to pursue a career in finance and move back to New England. We are thrilled that her versatile professional experience led her to where she is now, working in Boston at Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor. We are happy she is happy and it’s of course an extra bonus that she’s back in the area, nice and close to her family. Yet, above all we are so pleased with the woman Maree has become. Her involvement in this organization throughout college and after graduation has allowed her to prosper into, as Maree says it, a “better version of herself” and for that, the Magliocchetti family sends their everlasting thanks to the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega.

Valerie and Giancarlo Magliocchetti

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