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The Beauty of the Bond

Taylor MoodyBy Taylor Moody
Zeta Sigma, Missouri State University
Resident Consultant, University of Kentucky

When I opened my bid card five years ago, I was ecstatic. I was absolutely in love with Alpha Chi Omega, and I was ready to run home to the ladies I had met during recruitment. While running to the house, a scary thought hit me: What if they don’t like me? Of course I had fallen in love with the women I met, but I was now in a dead sprint to Alpha Chi Omega with a group of 70 new members who had no idea who I was, and I was terrified. When I got to the house, I was welcomed by more than just the women who talked to me during recruitment; I was welcomed by an entire front yard full of Alpha Chis, and I knew I had found my people.

I found my best friends in Alpha Chi Omega, just like they always say you will. Looking back on my college experience I have nothing but gratitude for the friendships I gained because of Alpha Chi. As a consultant, when I meet collegians a popular question I am asked is “What is your favorite memory of Alpha Chi?” When I try to think of one specific memory or event from my experience that I love most, it is that I was always surrounded by my sisters and best friends. I do not have one outstanding memory, but I can say with confidence that I have a group of outstanding sisters who have made every memory from my college experience one for the books. I knew for a fact that my Alpha Chi Omega chapter was full of wonderful members and I was beyond proud to call them my sisters.

When I found out that I was chosen to be a chapter consultant, I had the same ecstatic feeling I had on Bid Day. I actually ran out of the library (abandoning my group project team) to answer the call, and then called every family member I could to spread the good news. I was so happy to get the chance to work with other Alpha Chi alumnae, travel for work and share my passion for this organization with collegians across the nation. Once the initial excitement wore off (months later), I realized I was a little scared to work with other alumnae, and even more scared to be-bop all over the country to Alpha Chi chapters in states I had never even been to before. A familiar thought popped in my head: What if they don’t like me?

Little did I know, the beautiful thing about the bond of Alpha Chi Omega is that it transcends chapters, states and age. Every Alpha Chi chapter has welcomed me with open arms and genuine personalities. I have worked with some of the most motivated young women who are leading our chapters to seek the highest of heights possible, all while maintaining their academics and making lifelong friendships. I have had the privilege of meeting and working with the some of the wonderful women who serve, or have served, on our National Council and Board of Trustees, and I admire the love they have for Alpha Chi Omega and how hard they work to grow our legacy. I get to talk to my fellow consultant sisters daily, and from the outside looking in you would never know we only met a few months ago. Each of the sisters I have met, no matter where they are from, have that familiar genuine personality I fell in love with during recruitment, and I have never once had to work to fit in with these women.

Thank goodness for the beauty of the bond, and the 200,000+ women I call my sisters.

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