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The Amazing Love of My Sisters

LaurenThurmanHaislupby Lauren Thurman Haislup
Beta Psi chapter, Louisiana Tech University

This past year has been one to remember—both good and bad. This time last year, I was finishing graduate school, gearing up for another great Alpha Chi convention and planning our December wedding. I thought the only negative ahead was that I was officially on the downward slope of my twenties.

It’s true what they say about how quickly things can change.

In August, I lost a longtime friend in the line of duty. This was especially hard for me since I was just a few months away from marrying my own deputy. Not long after, my Parish (ya’ll call them counties) in Louisiana was hit with Hurricane Isaac. Nearly 80 percent of all homes had damage, mine included.

Thanks to Isaac, I crossed items off my bucket list I never imagined would be on it: I waded through neck-deep water with a camera in one hand and phone in the other;  I was hoisted nearly six feet in the air through my kitchen sink window by my momma; I mentally analyzed my entire house to determine what was below the water line; I rummaged through my house like a criminal on a mission trying to pull anything out of the water that I could; and I put everything that we owned in a canoe, which I dubbed as “my houseboat.”

Those are just a few things about the experience I will forever remember, but the memories that I really want to cherish are my sisters calling me constantly through the ordeal—while I was displaced 300 miles away waiting to be cleared to go home; during the 11 hour car ride back; and while standing in three feet of water in the middle of my street that included me humorously joking that the alligators, snakes and nutria better not mess with this crazy woman and her camera trying to finding her copy of The Symphony that was tucked away in a drawer. The reminder of The Symphony just calmed my nerves in the midst of everything.

My sisters, with open arms and hearts, came with calls and prayers from near and far. That love and friendship has been like no other; it comforted me in the direst times of my life. Never in my wildest dreams did I know that when I accepted that bid card, I would have the love and support that I have had from an amazing group of women that I proudly call my sisters.

Since Isaac, things have started to improve. Charlie and I were married in a traditional New Orleans wedding; his three-year wait for a department transfer was approved; I was offered a dream job; and we purchased a home (it sits up on a hill, several feet higher than our neighbors’).

In our Pre-Cana classes, the deacon spoke to my husband and I in detail of 10 life-changing events that would test a marriage.  We have had the ultimate test, nine of those events in less than a year. It’s been tough, tiring and troublesome, but throughout all of this, our family, friends and most of all my sisters have been there for us.


  1. Katie Samuels |

    Thank you for sharing your story, you are definitely a Real.Strong.Woman. I love all of my Beta Psi sisters too! LaTech’84

  2. Carrie W |

    So glad to call you my sister and best friend! Great post!