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The Consultant Chronicles: Make It Count

stephanieby Stephanie Chavez
(Iota Omega, Carthage College)

As 2012 begins, we take advantage of the fresh, new start in front of us.  A new year brings the excitement of starting over.  It is the chance to get rid of the good to make room for the great.  We take time to reflect on the previous year and make resolutions to make the upcoming year even better than the last.

To be honest, I have never been good at keeping New Year’s resolutions.  Every January I promise to workout more and procrastinate less.  The next thing I know, it is mid-February and I am still procrastinating on that workout from two weeks ago.  Although I struggle to keep resolutions, I am always up for a good challenge.  For 2012, I have a challenge for Alpha Chi Omega collegians everywhere: make it count. Membership lasts a lifetime, but time as a collegian only lasts four years.

It is time to take advantage of every moment before it is over.  A little cliché?  Probably.  Worth it?  Most definitely!  Instead of seeing chapter meetings as just another meeting to sit through, think of it as more time to spend with your sisters.  Try attending a chapter event you normally would not go to.  Who knows, maybe you will find a new way to get involved within the chapter.  During recruitment, sing your heart out to those recruitment songs we all love so much.  You never know if that could be the party that convinces a woman to join Alpha Chi Omega.  Whatever you do, find a way to make all the moments of your collegiate experience count.

Happy 2012!  How will you make it count?