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Reaching the Heights, Together

Mikelle BradyBy Mikelle Brady, National Housing Corporation President
(Alpha chapter, DePauw University)

Together let us seek the heights. If you’re like me, you’ve thought about our open motto a time or two.  Seems pretty simple—not much interpretation needed.  But recently, I’ve been pondering the motto from a slightly different point of view.  Exactly how does this apply to the Alpha Chi Omega housing world?

The National Housing Corporation (NHC) has been changing the focus lately.  Rather than concentrating on the owner of our Alpha Chi Omega properties, we’ve centered on facility pride.  If our letters are on it, it’s an Alpha Chi Omega house.  With a focus that’s more broad and all-encompassing than in previous years, we’re able to really keep our motto in mind.  Working together, we can be sure to offer safe, affordable, competitive housing to our members.  And when I say “we,” I mean all of us affected in some way by Alpha Chi Omega housing: Alpha Chi collegiate and alumna members, local housing corporation (LHC) and NHC volunteers, university personnel, parents.  Have you ever thought about how far-reaching the “together” of our open motto can be?  I recently found two examples.

Over the summer I purchased a copy of our most recent history book, which tells different stories from Alpha Chi Omega’s first 25 years.  In it, I read the account of how the first Alpha Chi Omega-owned house was built—completed only 10 years after our Fraternity’s founding.  The details of how our members at Beta chapter at Albion College so quickly built their own house make me proud.  Those sisters wanted to accomplish a goal, and they were resourceful!  The members built not only a brick structure to live in, but also built partnerships with important college personnel, alumnae and parents in order to get the job done.  Were they nervous?  I’d imagine so!  But the members reached out to the supportive community around them and built a lodge of their dreams.

Fast forward more than 100 years.  Another group of Alpha Chi Omegas dreams of building a new house for our Delta Pi chapter at the University of Tennessee.  Over many years these sisters build partnerships with important university personnel, a strong group of local alumnae, vital parents of members and the NHC.  Together, the many members and non-members work to raise funds, secure state bonds, make and execute plans, and lay the financial framework for the new chapter house to be self-supporting.  As you can see in the photo spread on pages 32-37, the new Delta Pi house is a dream come true for those who worked on the project.  But take away one of the partners, and that dream would not have become a reality.  I can only imagine in 100 more years, as members are reading our history book, they too will be impressed by the resourcefulness of how together this dream was realized.

Yes, our motto Together let us seek the heights still rings true today, and applies very much to our Alpha Chi Omega housing.  It stretches far beyond our chapter sisters, local alumnae and national headquarters.  Working together to form strong partnerships with all who can influence our success truly allows us to make those dreams come true—with the help of others, we can reach the heights.

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