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Our Symphony in Action

By: Lauren Wake
Beta Nu-University of Utah

I am obsessed with the symphony. No really – I have an unhealthy love for this piece of Alpha Chi Omega heritage. I went to the University of Utah, which is one of the few chapters that still sings it consistently, and let me tell you the melody is beautiful.

But the melody really isn’t what does it for me, it’s the meaning and intention behind every single word in the song. Think about it: an entire song dedicated to not just our sisterhood, but to our mission and our history and our Ritual. It’s fantastic, which is why the Symphony of Alpha Chi Omega has been on repeat over and over and over again in my head since I got on a plane in Los Angeles at 6:15 AM to head to Woodstock, Virginia. And sisters, that 6:15 AM flight was just the beginning of a grueling (but SO rewarding) weekend.

The ten of us started off as (almost) perfect strangers. We range in age from 23 to 65+. We come from all over the country. We have different tastes, different accents, different life stories, but the one thing we shared was Alpha Chi Omega. We shared the symphony.

Over the course of this weekend I have truly learned what it means to be a sister. I cannot count how many times I have been tired and broken down, wishing I had four more hands, when two more real, strong women were walking towards me, ready to lift me up. We had rough manual work to do. We had grueling weather conditions. We had a daunting task and reality to face, but we persevered.

We saw the beauty in even the most common things of life (new toilet seat anyone?). We shed the light of love and friendship to each other, and to the facilities at Response, Inc. We appreciated every little service. We appreciated those with badges different than our own (hi Kaye & Kristyn!). We put love, unselfishness and sincerity into everything we did, and we did it all with happiness, joy and peace. We lived the symphony, and we lived it well.

Each one of the women I have met this weekend helped me love each line of the symphony a little bit more through their strength, hope and determination, but most of all through their sisterhood. I may be leaving Virginia with some sore muscles, but I am also leaving it with nine new beautiful and blossoming relationships with some of the greatest sisters I know. You are all my symphony!



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