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LPI Chapter Spotlight: Upsilon

Upsilon LPI spotlight.1Month: December
Chapter: Upsilon, Millikin University
VP Philanthropy: Danielle Farley

Fun Facts

  1. Name of event: Alpha Chi’s and Pies
  2. Amount raised: $1,319.78
  3. Shelter that will benefit from the donation: Dove Shelter in Decatur, IL


Tell us more!

1. Please provide a description of your philanthropy event (did you partner with other organizations on your campus or in your community? How long did it take you to plan the event? What were some of the highlights?) Upsilon LPI spotlight.2

Our previous VP of Philanthropy, Meghan Bryan, began planning for this event back in August of 2016 because she knew that it would require a lot of planning. This included coming up with decorations, planning out the layout of the event in our house and designing shirts, all to be ready for the event in October. All of the members of our chapter were required to bake two-dozen of any delicious treat, which was then set out at our event.

There were a few things that set us apart and contributed to our raising as much money as we did. Our campus is very small (only 2400 people), so we needed everyone on board in order to make the event a success! We made sure that we included new vegan and gluten free options, so that a larger group of people could enjoy Alpha Chi’s and Pies. We also made sure to label everything very carefully so that anyone with allergies could enjoy the sweet cookies, cakes and pies too. We got more of the campus community involved by having a “Greek Hour,” where members of other Greek organizations could come to our event between 8-9pm and enjoy pizza (pie) and would be present for the raffle drawing. We sold raffle tickets for three different prizes (movie-themed, makeup-themed and coffee-themed) for $0.50 a piece and ended up raising over $50 just from the raffle. At the event, not only did we set out tables with food, but we also decorated our house’s living room with colorful tables and a photo booth, so that our guests at the event felt comfortable and had places to take pictures and create memories.

2.     In your opinion, what made the event so successful?

What really set our event apart this year from years prior is the overall excitement we created on campus! We sold pre-sale tickets prior to the event, which really grabbed the attention of students, and we even reached out to some families in our local community. Tickets at the door were slightly more expensive than the pre-sale tickets, and we sold more tickets overall because many students wanted the cheaper price! The Upsilon chapter of Alpha Chi Omega has really strived this year to truly embody “Real. Strong. Women.”  in our everyday life, and doing so has made students on campus so excited for our events! Upsilon did an amazing job this year marketing for Alpha Chi’s and Pies, which included reaching out to freshman and transfer students who might not be aware of the annual Greek events, and talking up the event on social media. Something done differently this year: our planning committee made sure to promote our support of domestic violence awareness. It isn’t just about the sweet treats, it’s also about educating the campus community about WHY we raise money for the local battered women’s shelter. Our university only consists of around 2,400 undergraduate students, so to raise as much money as we did, knowing that Upsilon was able to educate so many of our peers was one of the most rewarding experiences being apart of Alpha Chi Omega.

3.     Why did your chapter choose to make the gift through the LPI process?

Our chapter chose to donate through the LPI process because it is the most secure way of processing the funds raised and to ensure that the donation is being put to good use.

4.     Why does your chapter value giving to both your local shelter and the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation?

It’s a great way to make sure our donation was handled securely, and it’s an opportunity to also give back to the organization that does so much for us!

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