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Just Say Yes

Lauren_Lewandowski_photo_blogBy Lauren Lewandowski
Theta Tau, Rutgers University

The secret to making the most out of your Alpha Chi Omega experience? Just say yes. It’s as simple as that. Whether you are a collegiate or alumna member, Alpha Chi Omega can benefit from your time, talents and treasure. Mahatma Ghandi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” I could think of no better way to describe my experience as a sorority volunteer.

As a collegiate member, I served as vice president chapter relations and standards, vice president education and historian for the Theta Tau chapter. As an alumna, I have served as a chapter advisor for the Alpha Epsilon chapter at University of Pennsylvania and as president and membership chair of Pi Pi alumnae chapter. I currently serve as the province collegiate chair for Eastern Pennsylvania and the as the lead chapter advisor for the Theta Chi chapter at Lehigh University. I am also a member of the young alumnae board and the Olive Ribbon Club. Outside of Alpha Chi Omega, I am an active member of the Rancocas Valley Panhellenic Association and serve as its membership chair. I have had the privilege of serving in each of these positions because I have said yes.

The key to saying yes is that you cannot sit back and wait for someone to ask you to serve. The majority of the roles I have held within Alpha Chi Omega are not roles someone encouraged me to run for. Instead, they are roles I identified as needing a strong leader, and, because I realized I had the time and dedication to make a difference, I volunteered to serve in the truest sense of the word. Furthermore, I have discovered that the positions I enjoyed the most were ones I never even considered for myself prior to holding them.

I have never felt that my service to Alpha Chi Omega has gone unnoticed. Instead, the recognition and appreciation other Alpha Chi Omegas have paid me have allowed me to recognize not only my own strengths, but also my inherent value. For example, I have always considered myself to be shy and reserved. Since becoming an Alpha Chi Omega, most people who know me would argue that that self-assessment could not be further from the truth. That is because Alpha Chi Omega and semesters of recruitment rounds have made me feel comfortable striking up conversations with strangers and have allowed me to realize that what I have to say is important. The fact that I have gotten to know and work with so many amazing women throughout this journey has just been icing on the cake.

To say that I have found myself through my experience as an Alpha Chi Omega volunteer is an understatement. Not only have I found myself, but I have found friends, role models and a community. It was not hard to do, either. All I needed was dedication, a bit of self-motivation and one three-letter word: yes.


  1. Christi |

    I love this so much and am so proud of you, my sister-friend!

  2. Sharon Childress-Weaver |

    You are everything I knew you could be. So proud of you. Reach for the stars. You are a “Rock Star”.