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How-to: Contribute to Alpha Chi Omega After Graduation By: Olivia Holt, Alpha Kappa Chapter, University of Oregon

If you know me, it should come as no surprise that the end of the year is making me all sorts of sentimental. In truthfulness, this soft-heartedness is probably what led me to apply for the chapter consultant position. I’m sure it’s that dangerous December combination of crisp air, twinkle lights and all things peppermint that is sending me back to my interview weekend in Indianapolis. I remember sitting with the interview team and explaining my consultant motivations as such: to ensure the longevity and success of Alpha Chi Omega so more women can have these life-changing experiences.

Fast forward a year and a half, and in my second year as a resident consultant, I provide support to our newest (and recently installed!) chapter at Trinity College. In the flurry of emails, project calls, officer meetings and expense reports, I often remind myself to look at the larger goal behind my daily tasks. I find it incredible that I get to help bring Alpha Chi Omega to such deserving young women.

But what if you’re not a chapter consultant or advisor working with collegians daily? How can you contribute to the longevity and success of Alpha Chi Omega after graduation?

I believe that Alpha Chi Omega wouldn’t be the organization it is without the work of the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation. The Foundation exists to support the educational and philanthropic purposes of Alpha Chi Omega through effective fundraising and stewardship of financial resources. It supports a myriad of programs that make the Alpha Chi Omega experience unique and competitive, such as Leadership Academy, convention education sessions, global service initiatives and domestic violence awareness campaigns.

In my conversations with new members across the country, many state their desire to be philanthropically involved as a motivator behind joining a Greek-letter organization. As Alpha Chi Omegas, I believe we bring a special energy and determination to our philanthropic work. And this philanthropic experience doesn’t have to end with our graduations and college degrees. Continuing to support Alpha Chi Omega through the Foundation means that more women will be impacted, challenged and encouraged in their efforts to seek the heights.

Here are three ways you can jump-start your support of the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation:

  1. Participate in a giving campaign. The Founders’ Day Challenge takes place every October, Giving Tuesday follows shortly after Thanksgiving and Day of Giving falls in April. There’s always such excitement and energy during these campaigns. It’s amazing what we can do for Alpha Chi Omega in a short period of time when we combine our efforts with those of sisters across the country!
  2. Support a local chapter’s signature philanthropy event. Through its yearly philanthropy events, every collegiate chapter supports both a domestic violence resource in its community and the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation.
  3. Give now! To break up the frenzied season of winter shopping, consider donating online. You can select programs that you feel most passionate about, and even small donations are pooled with those of other sisters to magnify your impact!


So as you find yourself in your own season of sentimentality this December, I encourage you to begin your own involvement with the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation. Our donations keep Alpha Chi Omega moving forward, developing new ways to continue to enhance the member experience today and for generations to come.


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