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How to Channel Your Fierce and Fabulous

web_Courtney_Igbo-OgbonnaBy: Courtney Igbo-Ogbonna
Delta Tau, Minnesota State University – Mankato
Resident Consultant, University of Connecticut

Within 10 minutes of meeting me, you will probably know these three things: I’m obsessed with the show Scandal, my ultimate goal in life is to be Oprah and I love Alpha Chi Omega (duh!). Some people may think these things are just random facts about me, but the things I choose to prioritize in my life all need to have certain qualities: enhance my life in some way, empower me to do better and, most importantly, channel my inner fierce and fabulous.

Let me explain what this actually means.

When I say fierce and fabulous, this is what I’m saying: to be fierce is to be intense, aggressive and powerful. Fabulous is to simply be extraordinary, amazingly good or wonderful. When you put those two traits together, you are now an unstoppable individual.

Now, going back to facts about me, I like Scandal because of Olivia Pope and how she demands the attention of the room whenever she is present. She is intelligent beyond belief, poised and elegant.

I aspire to be [like] Oprah because she is, in my opinion, a queen. She has successfully built her empire with her own two hands and, throughout all that, never let her success get the best of her. She remains humble, caring, philanthropic and independent; all qualities I admire.

Last but not least, my love for Alpha Chi Omega, an organization that builds up real, strong women. This sisterhood teaches humility and respect, and empowers young women with the tools to be independent leaders who can thrive in a world mostly dominated by men.

In short, Alpha Chi Omega teaches thousands of women across this nation how to be fierce and fabulous.

Here are three suggestions for how Alpha Chi Omega can really help you develop these qualities and become the best version of yourself:

  • Leave your legacy. In all that I do, I have a goal in mind to leave whatever it is I am doing with a precedent for achievement. This can be big or small, but I try to be someone people look up to and strive to emulate. This could be anything from being a big to being someone who always volunteers to table for your next philanthropy event, or coming back as an alumna to watch initiation or assist with recruitment efforts. Set a positive example because it will rarely go unnoticed.
  • Be diligent. If you want something, work for it. Never expect anything to be handed your way. If you want an A on your test, study. Running to be the next chapter president? Set goals higher than the standards, be kind to your sisters and really know the dynamic of your chapter. Want the internship or job you’re applying for? Do research on the company, prepare for the interview and dress for success. Sometimes you’re going to have to really put in the effort to get to where you want to be. Hopefully, you will have a pinch of luck to help you out every now and then, though!
  • Use failures as fuel. There have been times where I have come up short when reaching for my goals. But that was never a good enough reason to keep me down. Think of Oprah and where she started. She comes from a low–income background and has a complicated family history, but she never let her past define her future. Olivia Pope has had her fair share of failures, as well, from her dad single-handedly running her life, to having her own secrets be put out in the open. However, she always uses those realities to create a better solution in the end and always ends up victorious.

Is it a coincidence that back in 2012, I said yes to our sisterhood that totally embodies the two qualities I seek out in everything I do? Maybe. But nonetheless, I am so thankful that we crossed paths and I have been given the opportunity to further the love and success for our sisterhood all across the country. I truly do believe that this mindset can give you everything you want. In my short 23 years, I have accomplished just about everything on my list of to-dos while keeping myself focused. Find people or things to influence your life in a positive way, people to look up to, and set your goals at heights you may think are unobtainable. Do these things, and you’ll find your own fierce and fabulous in no time.

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  1. Ellen Robertson |

    I totally agree with your focus and passion. We are totally like minded. I have much to give and to continue to be extraordinary. Our sisterhood is and always has been one of personal growth and empowering others.I love your statement of using failures as fuel. That is OUR special quality. I look forward to meeting you at convention.
    Ellen Luke Robertson
    Beta Sigma ’69