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Generosity, Service and Love: Ritual Reflections from the Day of Giving

On Tuesday, April 4, the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation launched its first-ever Day of Giving.

Nearly 800 gifts with over 550 individual sisters and friends of Alpha Chi Omega contributed to the campaign. 119 collegiate chapters donated $18.85 or more and 55 alumnae chapters were represented through alumnae donations.

Thanks to headquarters and foundation staff, sisters and Giving Day Ambassadors, this was a huge success!

We appreciate “every little service rendered” by our ambassadors. We asked some sisters who served as ambassadors for Ritual reflections based on their involvement with the campaign.

Their thoughts on their participation, our sisterhood and Ritual are inspiring.

“…And to let my lyre send forth the chords of love, unselfishness, sincerity.”

I had the honor of serving as an ambassador for Alpha Chi Omega’s 2017 Day of Giving campaign. In reaching out to sisters from my home chapter, I thought of this special line in our symphony. Alpha Chi Omega has given me so much, especially in the form of sincere lifelong friends – some of whom will be part of my wedding next year. I felt it was the perfect time to send forth my own chords of unselfishness in hopes to give another sister the opportunity to experience that same sincere friendship for herself.

– Katie Wyrick, Beta Delta

When I think about Day of Giving and how it connects to our symphony, I can’t help but reflect on the line, “to strike on the lyre of the universe only the notes of happiness, of joy, of peace.” There is something so powerful about the thought of striking on the “lyre of the universe,” and throughout Alpha Chi Omega’s Day of Giving I think we did just that.

The purpose of this campaign from the Foundation perspective was two-fold: of course we wanted to raise money for the Foundation and Foundation-supported programs, but we also wanted to celebrate the amazing work that Alpha Chi Omega has done for over 130 years to create a sisterhood of empowered real, strong women.

We are an amazing organization and I think it’s just as important to celebrate that within our sisterhood, and with the world, as it is to support it through time and money. Fundraising can be challenging, especially when it’s all online and it can be difficult to feel like you’re making an impact, but throughout our 36-hour Day of

Giving campaign it certainly felt like Alpha Chi Omegas all over the world had such a strong presence in helping us share why it’s so important to have programs and initiatives to support our members that are created by women and for women.

This presence only continues to amaze me when I think about the fact that we raised over $105,000 in 36 hours from 500 donors – if that isn’t empowering I don’t know what is!

– Katie Sherrill, Alpha

“There is a sisterhood whose equal can’t be found. In this loyal bond together we are bound…if you ever need us, we’ll be standing by to give you all we got, all for Alpha Chi.”

Lyrics from one of my favorite Alpha Chi Omega songs, “There Is A Sisterhood,” touched me deeply as a collegian and still ring true decades later as an alumna. I stay involved, donate to the Foundation, and leaped at the opportunity to be a Day of Giving ambassador because I want to give back to the organization that has given me more than I can say and pay it forward so women for generations-to-come can have the same priceless experience of sisterhood and empowerment programming.

– Anne Teaford-Cantor, Alpha Psi

“…to let my lyre send forth the chords of love, unselfishness, sincerity…”

I was honored to serve as a campaign ambassador for the Day of Giving. In particular, I chose to support and recruit donors for Social Excellence Training, an amazing program that offers an educational experience for collegiate recruitment officers and their advisors. Like the women who attend this event, I give of my time, talents and treasures in the spirit of love, unselfishness and sincerity. I give to preserve the experience that is Alpha Chi Omega for generations of sisters to come. I could not be more grateful for all of the volunteers and donors to the Fraternity and Foundation!

– Laura Knobel, Iota Alpha

I volunteered as an ambassador for Day of Giving because of the Alpha Chi Omega sisters in my life who have inspired me and who I continue to aspire to be. I fundraised for the Fraternity’s newest program, Women & Wisdom, as I truly believe it exemplifies our mission to create lifelong opportunities of learning for our members. Collegians are able to interact and seek mentorship from sisters across the globe who have expertise in their desired career path. As an alumna, I have used the program myself to learn more about my own field. After just my first session with my mentor, I was absolutely thrilled with all we had discussed! She had a wealth of knowledge that I continue to learn from beyond our monthly one-on-one phone call sessions and a passion to share her experiences with me having worked in the similar professional roles. Because of our sisters’

donations on Day of Giving, Women & Wisdom will continue to be a great success – for collegians and alumnae alike – demonstrating what it means to be a part of a lifelong sisterhood.

– Rachel Haley, Omicron

The Alpha Chi Omega Day of Giving, to me, was a true demonstration of devotion. As both an ambassador and as someone who was able to work behind-the-scenes with our Foundation team to set up the day, the Day of Giving was especially memorable to me. The devotion of the whole Foundation team was evident in all the work they did leading up to the day, and the entire [larger] ambassador team was so devoted to success in our goals! Through the collective devotion to ensuring the future of our Fraternity, we made history for Alpha Chi Omega, and hopefully inspired many young women who are just beginning their Alpha Chi journeys to become just as devoted as this amazing group of real, strong women!

– Lauren Wake, Beta Nu

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  1. Katie Wyrick |

    I loved reading these reflections from Day of Giving! I’m already looking forward to seeing what we accomplish next year.