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Full Circle

web_Taylor_ThesingBy: Taylor Thesing
Epsilon Tau, Virginia Tech
Resident – University of Kentucky

We make decisions every day. Some decisions are easy and don’t require much thought, while others are more difficult. Some decisions are small and alter our paths ever so slightly, while others are big and change the whole course of our lives. When I was 18 years old, I made two big decisions that changed the course of my life.

First, I decided what college to attend. Most people know that I chose to attend Virginia Tech, but not everyone knows that I also applied and was accepted to the University of Kentucky. Attending Virginia Tech allowed me to stay in-state where I could be nearer to my family, yet left me to sometimes wonder what my college experience would have been like had UK been my choice.

Not long after I arrived at Virginia Tech, I made another life-altering decision: I chose to join Alpha Chi Omega, an organization that I fell in love with during formal recruitment. Over the course of four years, I made so many fun memories with my chapter. Visiting Gatlinburg, Tennessee for my sisterhood retreat; dancing with sisters for our signature philanthropy event; attending date parties; and mentoring, then initiating a new member class in the spring of 2014 were among some of the best. Because of Alpha Chi, I was able to take on a leadership role, become more actively involved in the community, excel academically and meet my forever friends – the kind who will one day be my future bridesmaids!

As I reflect on these life-altering decisions, it becomes clear how different my life would have been had I attended UK. Without a chapter on campus at that time, there would have been no Alpha Chi sisters by my side during my college journey. Imagine my surprise as a newly hired chapter consultant when I found out my assignment would be UK! This opportunity has allowed my Alpha Chi experience to come full circle.

Over the past semester, it has been my privilege to be part of the team behind the recolonization of the Delta Omega chapter at the University of Kentucky. Lexington has become part of my life after all, not as a collegian but as a young professional, working for an organization that helped mold me into the woman I am today. Sharing my love for Alpha Chi with the entire UK community and, more importantly, with the founding members and advisors of a newly installed chapter has been very rewarding. I see how much of a positive impact Alpha Chi is already having in the members’ lives, and I’m making a whole new set of memories that I will cherish forever. Together we are creating an amazing legacy in the Big Blue Nation.

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  1. Merve |

    Hi Helen! (I had to do a double-take bcesuae I have another blogging friend Helen, from Germany).Keep writing my friend, you write with passion and beauty. And in it all you reveal your love for Jesus.Thanks for stopping and we’ll visit again, most definately!