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Day of Giving: A Conversation with Mary Pat Lambke

Mary Pat Lambke, Beta Epsilon

Mary Pat Lambke, Beta Epsilon

Why did you join Alpha Chi Omega?

As a freshman, the Beta Epsilon chapter made me feel welcomed and provided a “home away from home” at Michigan State University.

What makes someone a real, strong woman?

Now, as I enter my second half of life, a real, strong woman is a woman who knows herself, her values and her beliefs, and is willing to live them fully. She does not need to convince everyone that she, or her values and beliefs, are correct, yet she is open to hearing others’ points of view.

How has Alpha Chi Omega empowered you as an alumna?

Throughout my career, I was able to reflect and draw upon the leadership experiences afforded to me by Alpha Chi Omega, specifically the Beta Epsilon chapter. These experiences sent me forward with the confidence to become a successful saleswoman. Additionally, as I have become more personally involved with the organization, I have the ability to empower our younger members and influence their life choices. While their collegiate experiences are vastly different from mine, I truly believe that Alpha Chi Omega is making a positive difference in today’s young women so that they, too, will be successful in their careers and personal lives.

In your opinion, how does the Real. Strong. Women. Fund empower the women in our Fraternity? 

Fraternity programs funded by the Real. Strong. Women. Fund address issues that young women are facing on today’s college campuses. These programs are empowering our women to better themselves and prepare for the future.

What’s your favorite memory/story about support from the Real. Strong. Women. Fund? 

Actually, this goes back several years. I had been asked to participate in an early sharing of the strategic plan, which the tagline Real. Strong. Women. was a part of. From that conversation, I knew that Alpha Chi Omega was heading in a direction I could fully support. So while I was not an involved alumna, I was definitely willing to support Alpha Chi Omega financially. Through those years, I would simply send a check when I was able. I would get very thoughtful notes, phone calls and requests for visits from Angela Harris, now our National President. I never responded to her, as my career was my first priority. Years later, after I became involved in the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation, I finally met Angela, and we have become friends through our work together on the Vision 2020 Strategic Plan. She is a new sister to me, and I treasure our reconnection!

Why do you support Alpha Chi Omega by giving to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation? 

I support Alpha Chi Omega by giving to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation because I believe in empowering women. In order to empower women, I need to “walk the talk” through my actions and contributions, be that treasure, talent and/or time…or all of them! Alpha Chi Omega is poised to help young women during a challenging time for women. As an alumna who gained great experiences and a strong foundation from Alpha Chi Omega, I believe it is my responsibility to support Alpha Chi Omega by giving back and enabling others to have similar great experiences.

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