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Full Circle

web_Taylor_ThesingBy: Taylor Thesing
Epsilon Tau, Virginia Tech
Resident – University of Kentucky

We make decisions every day. Some decisions are easy and don’t require much thought, while others are more difficult. Some decisions are small and alter our paths ever so slightly, while others are big and change the whole course of our lives. When I was 18 years old, I made two big decisions that changed the course of my life.

First, I decided what college to attend. Most people know that I chose to attend Virginia Tech, but not everyone knows that I also applied and was accepted to the University of Kentucky. Attending Virginia Tech allowed me to stay in-state where I could be nearer to my family, yet left me to sometimes wonder what my college experience would have been like had UK been my choice.

Not long after I arrived at Virginia Tech, I made another life-altering decision: I chose to join Alpha Chi Omega, an organization that I fell in love with during formal recruitment. Over the course of four years, I made so many fun memories with my chapter. Visiting Gatlinburg, Tennessee for my sisterhood retreat; dancing with sisters for our signature philanthropy event; attending date parties; and mentoring, then initiating a new member class in the spring of 2014 were among some of the best. Because of Alpha Chi, I was able to take on a leadership role, become more actively involved in the community, excel academically and meet my forever friends – the kind who will one day be my future bridesmaids!

As I reflect on these life-altering decisions, it becomes clear how different my life would have been had I attended UK. Without a chapter on campus at that time, there would have been no Alpha Chi sisters by my side during my college journey. Imagine my surprise as a newly hired chapter consultant when I found out my assignment would be UK! This opportunity has allowed my Alpha Chi experience to come full circle.

Over the past semester, it has been my privilege to be part of the team behind the recolonization of the Delta Omega chapter at the University of Kentucky. Lexington has become part of my life after all, not as a collegian but as a young professional, working for an organization that helped mold me into the woman I am today. Sharing my love for Alpha Chi with the entire UK community and, more importantly, with the founding members and advisors of a newly installed chapter has been very rewarding. I see how much of a positive impact Alpha Chi is already having in the members’ lives, and I’m making a whole new set of memories that I will cherish forever. Together we are creating an amazing legacy in the Big Blue Nation.


Take a Moment

web_Haleigh_RobertsBy: Haleigh Robers
Delta Zeta, Central Michigan University
Resident Consultant – Loyola Marymount University

With one of the most beloved American holidays, Thanksgiving, right around the corner, there’s no doubt that our minds are filled with anxious thoughts. Whether it’s anticipating a much-needed break or already tasting the Thanksgiving Day menu, I can see the urgency in everyone’s faces for the holiday to arrive.

As a chapter consultant, being on a college schedule comes with the territory, so I still mirror this anticipation felt by students all across the country. Although I can cook for myself, I’m ready for a home-cooked meal. Although I call my Mom almost every day, I’m ready to fly those 2,032 miles and be surrounded by family again.  And yes, although I love my job, like anyone, I’m ready for a relaxing break!

As it is with many holidays, we tend to get preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of life. Sometimes, we forget what the holidays are truly about amidst the agendas, the planning, the food and the parties.

Thanksgiving sometimes gets overlooked as that one holiday that falls between Halloween and Christmas, but the beauty of Thanksgiving is that, in its simplest form, it’s a day devoted to giving thanks, gratitude and appreciation.

I have always been grateful for Alpha Chi Omega. During my collegiate years, my chapter gave me a home away from home, some of my best friends, personal development, leadership opportunities and endless experiences and memories that I will forever refer to as the best four years of my life.

After becoming a consultant, however, I have exponentially added to my gratitude list. In this position, I’ve learned a few things. I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to work for an organization that I love and meet other women who love it too. I am lucky enough to work with some of the best women I have ever met, and even luckier that they are my sisters and my support system. I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to give back to an organization that changed my life in amazing ways. Alpha Chi Omega has provided me a world of opportunity, and none of it would be possible without the women who came before me and the women today who work so hard to see Alpha Chi live up to everything it is meant to be.

So this Thanksgiving I ask you to do one thing; when you start to feel that anxious feeling to get home and away from it all, pause and reflect on everything you have to be thankful for. We waste so much time wanting to get to the next place instead of taking a moment to send some gratitude into the world.

“To appreciate every little service rendered; to see and appreciate all that is noble in another…” – words of wisdom from our very own symphony. If there are sisters you are thankful for, let them know. I know I’ll be doing just that this Thanksgiving holiday.

Thank you, Alpha Chi Omega, for all the wonderful things you’ve given so many women over the years to be thankful for.


The Chapter Consultant Career Choice: A Parent’s Perspective


By: Valerie and Giancarlo Magliocchetti
Parents of Maree Magliocchetti, Past Chapter Consultant

For those of you who know Maree, you know of her strong will and determination, especially once she sets her mind on something. As her parents we know it all too well, so when she announced to us that she couldn’t be more excited about a job offer as a chapter consultant for Alpha Chi Omega we knew two things. The first was that she was going to take the job, the second that she was going to devote her heart and soul into it and we couldn’t be happier or prouder of our daughter.

Throughout her years at the University of New Hampshire we watched as she grew into the impressive woman who stood before us on the eve of her graduation, and we knew that Alpha Chi Omega had something to do with it. We were excited for our daughter but we would be lying if we said we weren’t a little apprehensive about the chapter consultant opportunity.  She had always been independent, but her leaving home and traveling for however long worried us. Maree is one of our five kids and as a family we are very close. We of course would miss her greatly but we were most concerned about how she would feel away from her friends and family. Would she get home sick? Was she safe? We knew Maree could do anything she set her mind to, but was this the right professional move for her?

It didn’t take long for our concerns to dissolve. Her enthusiasm and happiness rang clear in our frequent conversations. It often seemed unfathomable that she could be as energetic and excited as she was with the pace at which she traveled, but as time went on we realized it was because she was thriving in the environment in which she found herself. We would inquire about her safety and if she was home sick with all the travel. She responded with, “I miss my family and friends a tremendous amount, but I’m not homesick nor am I unsafe because I am always surrounded by sisters.”  It became a favorite family pastime to hear the stories she had to tell from the places she had visited. We couldn’t believe some of the challenges and firsts she was experiencing. We would ask if it ever got too much for her to handle and she would say “it’s not always easy but it is during the difficult tasks that I find myself growing the most.” And grow she did.Maree_blog2

The truth is there were moments when Maree was homesick; there were times when life’s unexpected turns gave her reason to question whether she should continue traveling away from home. There were times when tasks appeared even too daunting for our daughter to overcome. But for all of those times there were moments that proved to us and to Maree, that working for her organization as a chapter consultant is where she needed to be. The kinds of moments when hard work paid off, when she left a trip knowing she helped a chapter break though a barrier and accomplish a goal that seemed impossible. There were moments of humble reflection when she visited somewhere she had only read about in books or seen in movies; or met someone from across the country who helped her see something in a way she hadn’t before. Moments when she would talk about her renewed faith in humanity as she marveled at the kindness and compassion she found in the women with whom she worked. It goes without saying but the the joy we felt as parents hearing her describe the moments above was incredible. So when the time came for her to discuss with us the opportunity to travel an additional year, we couldn’t help but empower her to accept.

The last of our concerns, whether this was the right professional move for her was answered at the end of her journey working for Alpha Chi Omega. After hearing all of the different skills she was developing as chapter consultant we knew that this role could take her anywhere, it was just a matter of figuring out where she wanted to be. Maree decided that she wanted to pursue a career in finance and move back to New England. We are thrilled that her versatile professional experience led her to where she is now, working in Boston at Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor. We are happy she is happy and it’s of course an extra bonus that she’s back in the area, nice and close to her family. Yet, above all we are so pleased with the woman Maree has become. Her involvement in this organization throughout college and after graduation has allowed her to prosper into, as Maree says it, a “better version of herself” and for that, the Magliocchetti family sends their everlasting thanks to the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega.

Valerie and Giancarlo Magliocchetti


Where Alpha Chi Can Take You

Maree_webBy: Maree Maglioccheti
Alpha Tau, University of New Hampshire

Private Banker Advisory Associate, Morgan Stanley

The benefits of becoming a chapter consultant are endless. This experience of a lifetime equipped me with a unique and particular set of skills and knowledge (not to sound like Liam Neeson from Taken) that opened up professional windows and doors, which allowed me to land a job I probably wouldn’t have without this position. Through this journey I became a better version of myself, physically, mentally and professionally. This better version of Maree, paired with the support of sisters nationwide, made for a powerful combination that allowed me to choose my next desired career move. Finance is where I found my home, yet the possibilities of where I could go after serving as a chapter consultant were limitless. This is evidenced by the various disciplines where you will find consultant alumnae such as law, higher education, medical industry, sales and a plethora of other impressive examples. So what is it about this position that leads to so many opportunities? Allow me to articulate the professional value of this unique experience the best way I know how, through my story of how I went from uncertain senior majoring in history to chapter consultant for Alpha Chi Omega to working in financial advising at Morgan Stanley.

Three years ago I was a senior majoring in history at the University of New Hampshire, and for the first time throughout my collegiate career I was unsure of my next move. I had always assumed I would go onto law school, but after a summer internship at a firm it dawned on me that law school might not be the right fit. So there I found myself, a ‘type-A planner’ in uncharted waters of uncertainty. It was then that a trusted role model suggested I look into the chapter consultant opportunity. I hadn’t even realized such an opportunity existed, it felt like I had found the perfect pair of Tory Burch shoes on super sale. A job opportunity traveling the country working for an organization that had brought me so much joy as an undergraduate, what else could I ask for?

Well, I got far more than I could have asked for; here are just a few of my favorites…

Experience working with all different types of people: As a chapter consultant you meet different people every week and have the opportunity to work and build relationships with collegians, volunteers and higher education professionals, from all different demographics. You never know where life will take you, and having experience working with all types of people allows you to be incredibly adaptable in any work environment. This ability has served me well in my current role in financial advising where I work with different types of people every day.

Developing the most important relationship of them all: In the words of the great Carrie Bradshaw, “the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself…”  Of course for much of your journey as a chapter consultant, you are surrounded by incredible sisters who make you feel at home wherever you go. That said, there is only one person on whom you can rely to be there though it all: yourself. Traveling as a chapter consultant you often find yourself in unfamiliar places, trying new things and growing every day. In embarking on this journey, away from everything that I had ever known, I was able to better understand myself, what I enjoyed, what my strengths were, what I wanted to accomplish and what made me happy. It took traveling elsewhere for me to realize how much I loved and missed my New England home. I found law wasn’t for me but rather the stock market and finance that peaked my interest. Only after better understanding myself, was I able to decide where I wanted to go professionally and truly see all that I had to offer.

Independence: Before I started traveling as a chapter consultant I had never even rented a car. After my two years I could navigate through any airport, city, college campus, etc. I was able to rely on myself in ways I hadn’t before. Independence is attractive in any profession. The way I see it, if I can rely on myself to navigate my way around the country, there are few things that I can’t navigate my way around.

Even Tom Brady Can’t Win Alone…Teamwork: As I mentioned, independence is attractive in any profession and so is its cousin, teamwork. Fortunately, as a consultant you get experience in both. Whether it’s with other consultant sisters, volunteers, headquarters staff or collegians, consultants have numerous opportunities to develop their ability to work on a team.

Cultured: The idea of “becoming more cultured” is so often associated with the knowledge one gains when they travel abroad. Yet I would argue that there is so much to learn in our own vast backyard. As a consultant I saw some of the natural wonders of our country, including the evergreens of Oregon, the Rocky Mountains, the Mississippi river and the Pacific Ocean. I expanded my palette beyond my wildest dreams, from In-N-Out Burger to New Orleans crawfish, from Kansas City BBQ to Nashville hot chicken. I explored countless cities, towns and college and university campuses and I was able to meet and work with people I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. Everyday presented an opportunity to see or try new things, and I experienced in my two years what some people would be lucky to do in a lifetime; not to mention I got to do it with sisters for an organization I love, enough said right? While enjoying myself on the tour de Alpha Chi Omega, I also gained a better understanding of what it means to “walk in someone else’s shoes.” Make no mistake I have not seen it all, but I did see quite a bit, which has allowed me to connect with people in a way I was unable to do before. Learning more about the culture of America has given me a leg up in building rapport in interviews, with clients, peers and people in general. To put it another way, I gained a vast amount of good ole life experience, and that never goes out of style

Renaissance woman: As a chapter consultant you are a Jane of all trades, a true Renaissance woman. You work in a number of disciplines, from finance to marketing, from sales to leadership; the list goes on and on. You participate in one on one and group meeting atmospheres; you facilitate workshops, develop your public speaking and exercise your ability to think critically 24/7. You become a professional chameleon. Not only that but you are also able to either taste-test what you really enjoy, if you don’t know already, or further confirm what it is that you are passionate about.

Strength of our sisters: The skills and experience I have described enabled me to stand out from the rest in a sea of applicants in this competitive job market, but what got me to cross the finish line was the fact that I had the strength of my sisters behind me. It was my sisters who put me in touch with people who helped me better understand industries in which I was interested through informational interviews. It was our sisters on headquarters staff who helped me to further develop my résumé, interview skills and better understand all I had to offer professionally. It was our consultant and collegiate sisters who were some of my greatest cheerleaders. It was our sisters who, through their own accomplishments and endeavors, inspired me to continue to seek the heights. As I have mentioned before, our sisters nationwide are marvelous, so if they believed I could do anything, the smart choice would be to follow suit. Thanks to the chapter consultant position and the support of our sisters, I am exactly where I want to be, happy, in a profession I am excited about, in a city I love.

So maybe you know what you want to do after college or maybe you don’t, maybe there are opportunities you want to explore but aren’t sure if you have what it takes; whatever your situation may be, I urge you to consider applying to be a chapter consultant. If you’re like me, Alpha Chi Omega changed your collegiate experience for the better, why not see where it can take YOU after graduation?


Beyond My Résumé

web_Lisa_RoaneBy: Lisa Roane
Delta, Allegheny College
Traveling Consultant

Being halfway through my second year as a chapter consultant, I reflect on my time and struggle to put into words all of the experiences that I’ve had in my position. It’s been a whirlwind of traveling, recruitment, presentations, meetings with officers and lots of fun along the way. I’ve been able to experience being both a resident consultant and a traveling consultant. I’ve told more than a few people that although I’ve spent both years talking about Alpha Chi Omega a lot, it really feels like I’ve had two unique experiences that have helped me grow in different ways. As a resident, I helped a group of women who didn’t even know each other become a fully-functioning, self-governing sisterhood. As a traveler, I’m able to visit different chapters all over the country (mostly the east coast) and help them see what they are great at and where they can improve.

Both of these rewarding experiences are difficult to explain but the best way that I can tell you about my experience is by telling you what I’ll put on my résumé after having this job and what I wish I could put on my résumé about my time spent as a chapter consultant!

Things I’ll put on my résumé:

  • Consulted for a non-profit organization with over 200,000 members
  • Facilitated workshops and presentations to groups ranging from 20-200+
  • Completed multiple weekly reports on organizational management and goals, in addition to expense reporting and recommending strategies for organizational improvements
  • Recruited 200+ prospective members and student leaders to form a new organization on campus
  • Learned to travel and work independently
  • Used critical thinking skills to brainstorm solutions to situations surrounding recruitment, risk management, finances and conflict resolution
  • Built and maintained professional relationships with headquarters staff, university personnel and volunteers

Things I wish I could put on my

  • Having a plethora of consultant sisters as my support system and knowing they will always laugh at my jokes (or occasionally at me?)
  • Watching 155 women being initiated into the bond of Alpha Chi Omega at the University of Connecticut
  • Building the confidence in leaders and chapter members alike to help them see what they are capable of accomplishing
  • Receiving a text from one of my officers telling me she has gotten into medical school
  • Bonding with everyone I meet over our love of food
  • Being told by a collegian that her sisters were talking about how I was a Ritual guru (LIFE GOALS!!!)
  • Hearing how glad women were that I came to visit their chapter and made an impact on them
  • Being able to take my knowledge and love of Alpha Chi Omega and share it with others

I can truly say that the skills I’ve learned and the relationships I’ve formed with my sisters – coworkers, collegians and alumnae alike – are all things I will hold on to for the rest of my life. I know there are many aspects of my résumé that will make it stand out because of my time as a consultant, but I wish it could express everything else that has made my job so meaningful and memorable. This job, this lifestyle, has allowed me to grow in ways, both professionally and personally, that I would have never imagined possible, and I can always thank Alpha Chi Omega for allowing me to seek the heights!


The Road Almost Not Traveled

Devon YamauchiBy Devon Yamauchi
Nu chapter, University of Colorado
Chapter Consultant 2012-2013

Growing up with two lawyers as parents and watching a lot of Law and Order SVU, I thought I was destined to become a lawyer. Halfway through my third year of law school at the University of Virginia, I am frighteningly close to that goal. (Of course, there’s still the whole passing-the-bar thing, but one obstacle at a time.) Given this clear goal, you might have thought I would have gone straight through college and into law school. But I didn’t—and it’s because I joined Alpha Chi Omega.

I won’t go on about what this organization means to me. I’ve said it before on this very blog, and many of my sisters have said it better. Suffice it to say that it changed my life and helped me become the woman I wanted to be. But my experience would not have been complete without serving for a year as a chapter consultant.

I spent the better part of the fall semester of my senior year agonizing over what to do when I graduated. I had taken the LSAT, my grades were where I needed them to be, I could get my letters of recommendation easily. In short, I was in a good position to apply to law schools. But something just didn’t feel right. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go to law school; I did. But I also knew that all the same schools would be there next year, and once I started down that road, the opportunity to become a consultant would be gone.

So I did what I normally do and called my parents. I expected resistance. I expected them to be worried about what impact this might have on my future, whether I was having second thoughts about law school or that they might think this was me being afraid of the future and trying to hold onto something familiar. When I called, I was prepared to deal with any of those responses. What I was not prepared for was their easy acceptance and encouragement. “It sounds like a great opportunity,” my mom said. “Law school will be there next year,” said my dad. When I asked why they were so supportive, they told me it was because they had seen how much I had grown since joining Alpha Chi as a sophomore, and they understood my desire to give back to the organization that had given me so much.

After that, I did what I realized I had wanted to do all along: I applied. I got to go to headquarters for the very first time for my call-back interview. I received and accepted the offer to be a traveling consultant for Region 3. I flew off to Indy for training and met the most amazing colleagues and sisters you could ask for. And then I started my travels.

At the beginning of my very first visit, I remember feeling incredibly overwhelmed and out of my comfort zone. I realized I was the person more than two hundred young women were looking to for answers. I was the first line of defense for any emergencies. And who was I? A very newly graduated college student who’d had five weeks of training. I wasn’t much older than many of these women and not much more experienced. But, there was a job to be done and it was my job to do it. So I put on my makeup and heels to convince myself that I was a confident consultant, just like the other sisters who had visited my chapter and somehow managed to save the day with unflappable grace. I don’t know how graceful I was—my lovely sisters from that first chapter I visited may have their own ideas. But we pulled through it together and I remember fighting back tears when I said my goodbyes.

It was on the plane, the first time I’d had only myself for company in the last two weeks, that I had time to reflect on the visit. This was the first time in my life that I had truly been in charge and ultimately responsible. It had been daunting, but I had done it. I could do it again. It was through this experience that I learned to have confidence in myself, in my abilities, in my judgment and in my own self-worth. With each new visit, I learned new lessons, faced new challenges and continued to grow that confidence.

While I learned a great deal about people, met incredible women, traveled the country and had an amazing time, it is what I learned about myself that made the experience invaluable. Whether consultants go on to work in higher education, become lawyers, become executives or any other career you can imagine, it’s the confidence we learned to have in ourselves, and in our judgment, that gives us the strength to succeed.

Transitioning from college to the “real world” is hard. You wonder if you’re really ready. You wonder what the world will throw at you and if you can handle it. For me, taking a year to learn about myself was what I needed to walk through those law school doors confident that, no matter what, I would be able to make my way in the world.

And of course, I had the time of my life.







Happy Founders’ Day sisters!

web_Alexa_GatesBy: Alexa Gates
Gamma Mu, Ball State University
Resident Consultant, Western Oregon University

This Founders’ Day marks 130 years that our sisterhood has been growing and thriving. When I take a step back from my day-to-day role as a consultant and really reflect on Alpha Chi Omega’s founding, I realize how truly amazing it is how far we have come, and how far we can go together.

Alpha Chi Omega is from humble beginnings, founded on a simple idea from the hearts and minds of seven young women. And this idea, that became a more than century old national organization, has profoundly impacted my life and the lives of thousands of women who have chosen to wear the lyre badge, both before and after me. Our Founders were trendsetters and, in their own right, trailblazers – creating something new, something exciting, something transformational.

All Alpha Chi Omegas are connected to our Founders; whether it is by our values, our heritage, our traditions or just the simple fact that we had to learn their names to pass the initiation exam. While all Alpha Chi Omegas have this connection, I like to think that the consultants share a special connectedness with our seven Founders. The Founders acted as the original advocates of the Alpha Chi Omega experience, something that the consultants still do, each and every day.  Sometimes consultants are the only staff members collegians meet. They are advocates, educators and motivators, just as the Founders were. Consultants are trailblazers in their own right as well; in new ideas, new processes and, in some cases, new chapters.

On this Founders’ Day, take a moment to reflect on your connection to our founding; and since that crisp fall day in Indiana 130 years ago, how Alpha Chi Omega has become so much more than an idea in the hearts and minds of women all across our country.


What’s Next?

web_Catherine_KerwinBy: Catherine Kerwin
Sigma, University of Iowa
Region 4 Traveling Consultant

During my first two months as a traveling consultant, I’ve worked with chapters across the country, from Seattle to Nashville. One of my favorite parts of being a traveling consultant is exploring the different coffee shops on the campuses I visit. You may be surprised to learn that the best coffee I’ve had so far during my travels wasn’t in Seattle, but in Manhattan, Kansas. (Shout out to Arrow Coffee Co.!) For an avid coffee drinker such as myself, having good coffee is a must, especially when frequently changing time zones.

From countless cups of coffee to waiting in seemingly endless lines at airport security and navigating my way through new parts of the country, this job keeps me on my toes! Not only am I becoming better at packing, but I’m also learning how to work in new environments. My collegiate experience as an Alpha Chi Omega taught me a lot, but as a consultant I’m continuing to better myself as a leader. Contrary to what I believed as a freshman, you don’t have all the answers once you graduate from college. I’m still growing into the woman I want to be, and once again, Alpha Chi is helping me grow.

As a collegian, I went through recruitment without the faintest idea of how joining a sorority could shape me as an adult. While a part of the Sigma chapter at the University of Iowa, I was an involved member who loved participating in homecoming, Greek week and attending other social events with my sisters.  I was the chapter’s historian for one semester, and I also served as a class representative on CRSB. However, I shied away from running for an executive officer position, and I wish someone would have encouraged me to pursue a role on the executive board. Nonetheless, I am now incredibly blessed to help collegiate women realize their leadership potential as I continue to expand my own horizons.

Getting to know the collegiate women at different chapters has shown me just how far the Alpha Chi sisterhood extends across the country. It makes every place I visit feel like home. I’m still figuring out exactly what I want to do after I’m finished working for Alpha Chi, and being able to travel and explore new places allows me to get a better idea of where I would like to go. Wherever I end up next, I know I’ll be able to reach out to sisters in the surrounding area for support. I’m thankful for the leadership experiences and friendships I’ve gained from being a consultant because I know they will set me up for success in the future.


Real World Balance

web_Michelle_WoodardBy Michelle Woodard
Kappa Omicron, High Point University
Resident Consultant, University of North Carolina – Charlotte

“My daughter, Michelle Woodard, is making chicken? On her own?” – my mother’s reaction when she found out her youngest daughter can actually successfully cook a meal without burning the house down.

Being in the real world was always something that scared me. I’ve always had a job growing up, and I went to college 11 hours away from my hometown, so I had always been somewhat independent. However, being a REAL adult always scared me. Living on my own, having to clean my own house, having to buy groceries (and not just ride in the cart and annoy my mom while she shopped) was always a concept I couldn’t quite grasp. Being a consultant for Alpha Chi Omega has not only led me to grow in this organization, but as a woman in the real world.

Not only have I learned how to cook chicken on my own without burning it, but also I’ve had to learn things such as: when garbage day is, and where exactly you roll your garbage out to, how to properly balance a work phone and a personal phone in your hand while also holding a wallet and sunglasses, how to setup cable on a complicated yet simple television, and how to fix a breaker box when the fuse has blown.

On top of all of this, Alpha Chi Omega has always told its consultants to become a part of the community in which we live. We are not just on-site to do a job; we are on-site to start a life in the community where we are placed. By this organization constantly encouraging me to keep a work-life balance, and not only work in this community but to be a part of it, I have found myself calling this place home only after being here for a month. For example, we are expected to set goals over summer training that are non-work related. This can be anything like “get 8 hours of sleep when possible,” or “eat healthy even when you want a milkshake instead.”

My goal was to start attending yoga classes. I have always been a gym-goer, and have always loved to work out, but yoga always intimidated me. People being that flexible… all the time… and being so “zen”… really just felt like there were high expectations that I could not meet. But I set the goal, my supervisor held me to it, and I can proudly say I have attended yoga for the past month! It has not only helped me physically, but emotionally and mentally in this fast paced job as an Alpha Chi Omega consultant.

Every job has its pros and cons, but I truly believe the pros of being a resident consultant 100% outweigh any and all cons associated with this job. Are there going to be many sleepless nights because of formal recruitment that seems to never end? Yes. Are there going to be consecutive weeks when all you can have for lunch is Chipotle because your days are so packed with meetings and it’s the only thing close to campus? Yes. However, there are going to be countless smiles you get from the women with whom you work, the neighbors you have come to know in your new community and the employees at the gym who know you by your first name and know that if you’re not to the gym by 7, you must have had a long day at work.

I truly believe that I would not be as successful in the work place or as happy in my community if I didn’t have the support and push that I get from my co-workers and supervisors. Being an employee for this organization has pushed me to my fullest potential, but never have I had to do so on my own with all of the people surrounding me – even if it’s via text message, Skype, GroupMe or email. The encouragement to keep a healthy balance between work and life is something special to Alpha Chi as an organization, and it’s something that makes this job so special and so unique.


Building a Home and a Legacy

web_Dakota_HerseyBy: Dakota Hersey
Kappa Pi, University of North Carolina – Wilmington
Resident Consultant – University of Southern Mississippi

It is no secret that membership in Alpha Chi Omega is immensely special to everyone who has the privilege to call themselves a sister.

I have so much admiration for the founders who created this organization that has molded me into the woman I never knew I could be. They had a vision. They dreamed of creating a home on campus where they did not currently have one. One that offered the same lifelong development and friendship that other organizations had, but one that was perfect for them.

As a founding member of the Kappa Pi chapter, this vision resonates with me because I shared the same dream. I did not have an organization to call my own until I ran into the confident, authentic, beautiful Alpha Chi consultant team on campus. They presented an opportunity for my future sisters and me to become a part of this wonderful sisterhood that provides more than we could ever give back. They are the reason that vision came to life. They are also the reason I am who I am today and why I love Alpha Chi Omega as much as I do.

The main reason I was so determined to become a consultant was to see this vision come to life in many other chapters. I was beyond excited to inspire members the way every consultant has inspired me and, in turn, be encouraged by the members’ passion and dedication. After coaching one of the five chapters installed this past year, Kappa Sigma, through their first formal recruitment, I witnessed the same desire and drive to succeed as I saw in my founding class.

I absolutely loved my collegiate and founding experience. Now, as a consultant to a chapter filled with incredibly bright, talented, charismatic founding members and the new members they have recruited, I can’t even express the joy it brings me to work with them and listen to their stories.

The other day, I had the opportunity to ask a few of them what brought them to Alpha Chi. How and why did they choose to join this new chapter? It made my heart happy to hear what sounded like my own story and vision as the basis for the reasons they chose to create history as the founding class of Kappa Sigma. They were searching for something more and (with the help of some awesome consultants!) found it in Alpha Chi. They are willing to work for the sisterhood they have envisioned and they will stop at nothing until their chapter rises “To The Top!” I know that it is members like these women who make up all of the newest chapters of Alpha Chi Omega and I couldn’t be more proud.

If you are considering founding membership in Alpha Chi Omega, my advice to you is absolutely go for it. Being a founder is a once in a lifetime experience. You get to create a home on campus that does not yet exist for not only yourself but also the thousands of women who will come behind you. You have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the original founders of Alpha Chi Omega. It’s hard to believe, but before you know it you’ll be alongside your sisters, rocking your first formal recruitment, mentoring new members just like yourself and taking your unique experience into your future – as a real, strong woman of Alpha Chi Omega.