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Be Her Badge What It May

4-goldbadgeBy: Nancy Vance, Delta Chi Chapter
National Ritual Celebration Week 2016

Nancy Vance is the current Alpha Chi Omega delegate to the Dallas Area Panhellenic Association (DAPA). We asked her to reflect on her involvement with the Panhellenic community as we celebrate National Ritual Celebration Week with the entire Greek community.

“To see and appreciate all that is noble in another, be her badge what it may.

I recently revisited my 1973 membership manual and found in Chapter 5: Fraternity World an explanation of the National Panhellenic Conference. It includes illustrations of the 26 NPC member organizations’ badges, as well as The Panhellenic Creed. At 18 years old, it didn’t mean much because my involvement with Panhellenic didn’t begin until later in my life. Now, having served in the DAPA since 2010, the line from our Symphony above holds true and is my cornerstone.2-greenbadge

I first became involved in DAPA when I started writing recruitment references for my kids’ high school classmates. Greek women who were willing to help potential new members with their recruitment references were regularly called on to write letters for these young women. This led to me joining the local Alpha Chi Omega alumnae chapter and going through a recruitment of my own to serve on the DAPA board.

Today, I am proud to be part of DAPA, an 85-year-old organization of Greek women in the Dallas area  with 21 member sororities. We have mutual respect for each other and our values, and we uphold our objective of engaging in a deeper understanding among member fraternities while promoting community service and education.

As I prepare to assume the presidency of this group, I will continue to represent Alpha Chi Omega with pride as did my predecessors Mrs. Raymond Hawkins (1938-39); Mrs. Martha Hoopingarner (1955-56); Mrs. Marilyn Smith (1977-78); and Mrs. Donna Chereck (1996-97). DAPA upholds a long history of the power and strength of sisterhood that can only be achieved by seeing and appreciating all that is noble in each member, be her badge what it may.

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  1. jsbh |

    What a wonderful legacy and pathway story Nancy. Thank you to all AXOs who served and serve on local National Panhellenic Conference Boards!