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Assessing Our Achievement: The Chapters of Alpha Chi Omega

W12 On Campus FeatureSince 1885, the women of Alpha Chi Omega have held achievement, along with wisdom and devotion, in high regard.  Whether in the classroom, the chapter room or out in the community, the accomplishments of our members and our chapters continue to reinforce what we already know—Alpha Chi Omegas seek the heights in all we do!

This is an exciting time for our collegiate members.  We continue to grow and expand our presence nationwide, with the recent additions of the Kappa Pi and Delta Rho chapters at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington and University of Arkansas, respectively.  Each of our sisters now has an opportunity to experience MyJourney, an inspiring new four-year membership program expanded for all collegiate members at every phase of their college years.  In January, our leaders will participate in Leadership Academy, a motivating program to kick off 2013 with new ideas and the momentum to put those ideas into place.

Our lifetime engagement programs, such as the newly created Young Alumnae Board and Parent Task Force, are giving alumnae and parents new opportunities to stay involved with Alpha Chi Omega.  The ever-increasing opportunities to connect virtually keep us nearer to one another and better able to applaud the accomplishments of our alumnae sisters and chapters.  Whether you are one of the more than 10,000 sisters linked with the Alpha Chi Omega Networking Group on LinkedIn or connected with the newly expanded Coffee with Celia to celebrate our ritual, you have likely taken notice of Alpha Chi Omega’s virtual growth.

As we note the progress of our organization, it is important to consider the role each of us plays in making this development happen.  Our collegiate members have a chance to be as involved as they desire, focusing on Alpha Chi Omega’s standards and forging their own path.
Our alumnae have an opportunity to step in and contribute to the success and sustainability of our chapters nationwide through myriad volunteer opportunities.  A chapter’s success is a reflection of its advisory board, and both collegiate and alumnae members must work hand in hand to flourish.

As 2012 concludes, we pause to review our successes of the year and acknowledge areas of needed improvement.  The following goes beyond the information in an annual report and shares with you, our sisters, the benchmarks for 2012:

Alpha Chi Omega by the Numbers


  • Number of active collegiate chapters*     135
  • Number of active collegiate members*     11,545
  • Number of new members, fall 2012 semester     3,848
  • Number of chapters with a 3.0 or higher GPA**     112
  • Number of chapters participating in fall formal recruitment     97 including two colonies
  • Number of chapters participating in deferred formal recruitment     38
  • Number of newly opened or reopened collegiate chapters in fall 2012     2
    • Delta Rho, University of Arkansas (recolonization)
    • Kappa Pi, UNC-Wilmington (new)
  • Number of chapters closed in 2012     0
  • Number of collegians involved in chapter leadership positions (executive board members)     1,735
  • Number of chapters on probation/suspension     3 on probation; 6 on sanctions
  • Number of collegians participating in 2012 Alpha Chi Omega training
    • 2012 Convention     269
    • 2012 Leadership Academy     264
    • Spring 2012 Barriers to Facilitation***     189
    • Fall 2012 Barriers to Facilitation     90+
  • Number of risk-management incidences, 2011-12 academic year****     97

*Approximate figures as of Nov. 5, 2012.
**Based on chapter-submitted reports.
***Training precursor to facilitating MyJourney
****Reported incidences categorized by: alcohol in facility, hospital transports, unofficial events, issues with registered events, new member event issues, hazing during new member period, hazing during initiation, philanthropy events with alcohol, bullying, social media, sexual assault, paying for social events with alcohol with chapter funds, t-shirt themes, body images


  • Number of total collegiate donors     579
  • Number of donating chapters     97
  • Number of collegians in Scarlet Ribbon Club     550
  • Number of collegiate scholarship winners (2012-13 school year)     90
  • Number of chapters giving to the Local Philanthropic Initiatives fund*     53 collegiate chapters; 8 alumnae chapters

*Includes domestic violence awareness support


  • Number of NHC-owned collegiate properties     20 properties
  • Number of LHC-owned collegiate properties     51 properties
  • Number of 2012 NHC renovations     35 approximately
  • Number of 2012 LHC renovations     25 approximately
  • Number of collegians residing in NHC and LHC properties     573 approximately
  • Number of chapters without housing     17 chapters
  • Number of properties with fire suppression systems installed     70%

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