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Alpha Chi Omega, We Love Thee…With Glee!

audralyreby Audra Levi Priluck
(Alpha Psi, UCLA and Epsilon, USC)

“Dear Alpha Chi Omega, I always will treasure…” —  Do you know this song?

Listen to Dear Alpha Chi Omega now!

More than 10 years ago, I started leading song workshops for collegiate chapters in Southern California.  It all started when I brought my portable tape cassette recording with me to the 2000 National Convention.  I learned 50 Alpha Chi Omega songs that summer, simply by asking convention attendees to sing me their favorite song!  And now, 10 years later, I have a digital audio recorder (which is half the size and weight of that tape cassette recorder), and I keep it in my purse 24/7.

My Maternal Grandmother, Estelle Karp, taught me how to sing when I was a very little girl.  The first songs I learned included Annie’s “Tomorrow” and Barry Manilow’s “Can’t Smile Without You.”  Once I got a little older, and I developed my own musical tastes, my favorite tunes came from talented musicians like Huey Lewis & The News, Chicago, Kenny Loggins, the Indigo Girls and Broadway musicals.  In college, a whole new world opened up to me when I joined Alpha Chi Omega and flipped through a Fraternity Songbook for the first time.

A few of our Fraternity’s songs have created unforgettable memories:

  • When I performed “After All” at the 2002 National Convention’s final banquet…
  • When I serenaded my husband with the “Sweetheart Song” at our wedding reception..
  • When I participated in the UCLA recolonization preference ceremony, singing “In This Very Room” with collegians from multiple chapters across Southern California…

Music from our Fraternity is everywhere and easier than ever to share with your sisters.  Our Fraternity’s music history is so rich, and filled with treasures that we don’t share often enough.  Want to learn a new Alpha Chi song, but don’t know where to look?  Now, thanks to new websites and easy electronic file sharing technology, there are several ways we can keep music “fresh” within our alumnae and collegiate chapters.  Alumna Amy Zoldak has a page dedicated to Alpha Chi songs.

Perhaps one day, we can have a comprehensive archive of music files that are easily accessible by all members of Alpha Chi Omega.  But until then, I can record and email anything!  Technology has made it so incredibly easy and possible.  I’ve even left cell phone voicemails with a song or two.  I welcome you to contact me via email or Facebook with your song requests, and I will help however I can.

In recognition of MacDowell Month, learn a new Alpha Chi song!  There are so many terrific melodies out there, original songs and parodies.  I know your chapters will truly enjoy them, and the songs might even become part of your regular repertoire!

“…Dear Alpha Chi Omega spells beauty for me.”

Audra is one of the featured speakers at this summer’s National Convention in Washington D.C.  Find out more!


  1. Lindsey S |

    I love this! I’ve been hoping for a website with a collection of Alpha Chi songs… this is great! I sure wish there was a page on the website dedicated to all of the Alpha Chi songs. Maybe even a listing of lyrics too 🙂

  2. alphachiomega |

    Hi Lindsey! Thanks for the suggestion! We do have a few song lyrics posted in the Resource Center. This is definitely a feature to consider in the future. Thank you!

  3. jenny sue |

    Love this post – Audra is such a model AXO!
    and I love that she gave a shout out to my PT Amy Z and the MTM website.

    Of course I did think this post was going to be how AXO was linked to the show GLEE and I was super excited!!!

  4. Audra Levi Priluck |

    @Jenny Sue: Sorry about the Glee teaser… it’s my absolute favorite show! Glad you enjoyed my blog, and thanks for your kind words!

  5. Lizabeth Smith |

    Dear Alpha Chi Omega is one of my favorite Alpha Chi songs. As Pi’s (UC Berkeley) recruitment advisor, I get to sing it at least once a year with the collegians and it always makes me think of my Alpha Chi friends. Thanks for pointing us to place to find more Alpha Chi songs!

  6. jenny sue |

    There are SO MANY AXO songs in the songbook I would love to hear someone sing. I might be bugging you at Convention Audra … 🙂

  7. Amy Z |

    Audra, Thanks so much for the shout out to Mu Tau Mu’s AXO Songs page!

    If anyone out there has mp3 files of Alpha Chi Omega songs they’d like to share, we’d love to include them! All you have to do is email them to me: amz at case dot edu Thanks!