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Alpha Chi Omega Convention 2010, In My Words

betaetareunionnightby Britain Dwyre
(Beta Eta, Florida State University)

According to Webster’s dictionary a Convention is a large meeting or conference, esp. of members of particular profession. While this definition works, I argue that Alpha Chi Omega Convention is SO much more. Convention to me is five days to reconnect with sisters and friends and a time to make new connections! It is a time to celebrate, to learn, and to shop. Convention is a time to stay up late and wake up early, and to do as much in between the prior as possible. Convention is the most fun you will have with 800+ of your sisters, that only happens every two years.

In the weeks leading up to convention many emails, tweets, and Facebook messages are sent coordinating meetings, presentations and reunions. Packings lists are made, analyzed and amended. Blog posts are done sharing past conventions, offering wardrobe advice and showing support for the Star Booth. Pre-Convention shopping takes place for: reunion night dinner decorations, Stars honoring those Alpha Chis who have impacted us, last minutes wardrobe “essentials” for convention, etc. After all of this is complete I had a suitcase weighing 49.5 pounds (*sigh* I am under the Delta imposed limit). I am ready for convention. 

I was able to travel to convention with a fellow alumna, Amy Zoldak (Zeta Upsilon).  We have made it our convention “tradition” to arrive a day early, allowing us to check in at registration, unpack, enjoy the area and potentially dine with sister-friends before the whirl-wind of convention begins. This year was no different.  We arrived in DC and found our way to the convention shuttle to be greeted by Alpha Chis from across the nation. Our “shuttle group” traveled to the Marriott, and the Alpha Chi Omega Convention fun began.

Over the next five days, I was able to experience my fourth Alpha Chi Omega Convention. I attended the luncheons and dinners celebrating Alpha Chi Omega’s organizational, chapter and individual-accomplishments. I attended chapter meetings where delegates were able to vote on legislation that would affect the future of the organization. I attended and facilitated workshops for Alpha Chi Omega collegiate and alumnae members-where members where able engage in conversations and gain knowledge in a vast array of topics benefiting both the individual and/or their collegiate/alumnae chapter. I attended an alumnae chapter installation, tweet-ups, regional meetings and impromptu meetings with sisters and vendors I have worked with over the years and sisters I will be working with in the future.  

In the end, Convention 2010, like the conventions I attended prior, was an amazing experience. And as I left DC and returned to Tallahassee, Florida, I reflected back on the prior 5 days.  Upon doing so is easy for me to Declare that I look forward to doing it all again in St Louis for the 2012 convention! And I hope to see each and everyone of you there.

Britain is the recipient of the 2009 Young Alumna Award, in addition to holding numerous volunteer positions.


  1. jennysue |

    Woot Woot Britain! Thanks for all you do, you tri-star, WDA sister!

  2. Marlene Kruelle |

    What a great summary of our national convention! And congratulations to Beta Eta for the awards!

  3. Patty Garrard |

    A lovely summary! Thanks for the FSU goodies on reunion night. You are the best, I loved watching you text/tweet with the girls at home while waiting the award announcement at the final banquet.