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A Sisterhood Within the Sisterhood

Taylor CostaBy Taylor Costa
Kappa Lambda chapter, University of San Diego

During recruitment, I always heard women say that they found their best friends and bridesmaids in their chapter, and even though that may be true, it was hard for me to believe at 18. I never thought I would be the one to call someone “sister” (aside from my younger biological sister), and to be honest I didn’t full buy into the idea of a “sisterhood.” Little did I know that my freshman year I would find a chapter of 160 women that made me feel at home. They made me feel comfortable and gave me a place to be my truest self.  That idea of sisterhood became real. Those women were right; I would have never met my best friends and bridesmaids had I not joined Alpha Chi Omega five years ago.

The women I ran to on bid day quickly became my people. We did everything together, from weekends filled with acai bowls at the beach to weeknights full of studying in the lounge until 2 a.m. We were there to celebrate each other when we got into grad school or got our first job offers. We were also there when we needed to cry and remember the life of our sister who lost her battle with cancer. The women of Kappa Lambda were my home and made me believe in the sisterhood I didn’t know I needed. These sisters encouraged me to apply to be a chapter consultant because of the qualities they saw in me that I had yet to find in myself.  I cannot begin to thank each and every woman I became friends with during my time in the Kappa Lambda chapter for helping me grow to be the woman I am today.

Lucky for me, the sisterhood I found in Alpha Chi Omega didn’t end with graduation. Last year I became a consultant and met 17 inspiring, motivating and confident women. The sisterhood in Alpha Chi Omega grew by 11 more intelligent, well-rounded and optimistic women this year as I began my second year on the consultant team. These 28 women have changed my life for the better and constantly push me to be the best version of myself. I have spent countless hours FaceTiming, texting and planning trips with these women that I call my sisters and best friends. Some of these I have known for a year and others for less than four months, but I know that the relationships I have with them will last a lifetime.

In a chapter of 160 members, I felt an incredible bond and connection to the women I surrounded myself with. The sisterhood I felt for those four years is something I will always be incredibly thankful for. Being a consultant has given me a sisterhood within the sisterhood. I have met 28 women that inspire me daily, motivate me to do better, give me confidence, make me laugh and help me feel at home (even when we are miles apart).

As weird and hard as it may be to believe, trust those women who tell you that they have found a genuine sisterhood because it’s real. Going through recruitment, it seems too good to be true. I couldn’t imagine myself in the sisterhood the women I had just met were telling me about; now I couldn’t picture my life without it. Over 220,000 women have had the opportunity to feel the loving sisterhood that can be found in Alpha Chi Omega, and I am so lucky to be one of them. I will forever be grateful for the best friends, future bridesmaids and sisters I have found through Alpha Chi Omega.

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  1. Kathy Rivas |

    I am so proud to have Taylor as a granddaughter We love her very much