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A Consultant Is Someone Who…

web_Molly_SchunemanBy Molly Schuneman
Sigma, University of Iowa
Nationwide Traveling Consultant

At the close of my second year serving as a chapter consultant, I have become nostalgic and often find myself daydreaming about the amount of fun I have had, the important lessons I have learned and the amazing people I have met along the way.

One of my favorite recruitment memories from the past year took place while I was at the Gamma Theta chapter at University of Maryland. During their preference ceremony, each sister who was hosting a potential new member went around the room and recited an “A sister is someone who…” statement that described a quality about the potential new member that they believed would make them a great Alpha Chi Omega. Many statements reflected the potential new member’s sense of humor, leadership ability and bright, positive personality. Every time they performed this during the preference ceremony, I couldn’t help but think of my consultant sisters.

The 2015-16 consultant class has been described as exceptional, inspiring, empowering and very caring, and I am proud to have been on this journey with them this year. This group of women boasted past chapter presidents, Panhellenic presidents, orientation leaders and campus tour guides, future doctors, student affairs professionals, teachers and business professionals. Each and every one of my consultant sisters embodied servant leadership and the values of Alpha Chi Omega in their work with our chapters this year.

Reflecting on the unique people in our consultant class, if I had to make “A sister is someone who…” statements about my consultant sisters, they would be as follows:

A consultant is someone who jumps at the chance to help anyone at any time.

A consultant is someone who makes anyone feel comfortable with her kindness and relatable personality.

A consultant is someone who always puts forth 100 percent during any task.

A consultant is someone who shows compassion and empathy.

A consultant is someone who is unapologetically herself.

A consultant is someone who has the gift of humor and knows how to make what may seem a “dire” situation lighter.

A consultant is someone who inspires other sisters to seek the heights

A consultant is someone who uses her other gifts and talents to supplement her consultant work.

A consultant is someone who is resilient.

A consultant is someone who radiates passion and joy in her life.

A consultant is someone who is meticulously organized and punctual.

A consultant is someone who takes smart, calculated risks.

A consultant is someone who has gumption.

A consultant is someone who epitomizes what it means to be an Alpha Chi Omega.

These women I was blessed to work with are the definition of support and strength when you need it; excitement when you have good news to share; a listening ear when you need to chat; a helping hand when you are in a bind; good advice and answers when asked for them; unforgettable jokes when you take life too seriously; encouragement when you hit a wall; a big warm hug when we reunite; and a loving sister to forever keep in your heart.

I know our chapters have grown and are better off because these women poured their hearts and souls into their work this year. My dream is that future consultants continue that legacy of excellence and love. I will never forget the friendship they shared with me, and I definitely know that we will be reconnecting every year for many years to come!


  1. Ashley Williams |

    This is perfect Molly! Thank you for the wonderful example of an Alpha Chi Omega you have been for me! I am so proud to call you my sister.