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A Common Goal

JaclynBy Jaclyn Sojda
Alpha Omicron, The Ohio State University

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”  –Gustave Flaubert

After a day of sisterhood and bonding we woke up at our new place of stay, Tiano Cove, and welcomed the day with a beautiful view of the ocean mixed with humor-filled stories of last night’s adventures. We soon boarded the bus to head off to Pedro Plains Primary School, our second site of service. Upon arriving we could instantly see differences between the two work sites. While one was located in a more tropical area, Pedro Plains was surrounded by soil that looked like red clay and had a vast mountain in the distance. Our new project was to prime a large fence that surrounded the school, and after a day of relaxation we were all eager to get back to work.

The principal came out, introduced himself and announced that although the students were not present due to an extended holiday weekend, the school cook had come in to make us lunch. From the moment I stepped onto Jamaican soil I have been in awe of the genuine kindness we have all received. This was another example of the caring atmosphere.  Although we came to serve them, they are continually impacting me in more ways than they could ever imagine.

Throughout the day we worked on priming the fence and our teamwork again amazed me. The genuine enthusiasm to help one another makes every day on the work site a fun and meaningful experience. After going out for a pizza dinner we also watched part of a documentary about Jamaica, which really informed us about the country, their financial status and was very eye-opening as to why it is so important that we are here. Throughout the entire week I have learned many things about sisterhood, culture and have realized how much I take for granted.

At one point today, the principal asked us to go around and state what colleges we were attending. As I listened to the names of the varying colleges and then later in the afternoon looked down the long fence we were all working on, I was truly humbled and inspired to see my sisters from around the nation working towards a common goal. Not only am I grateful for the experience of learning about a new culture and performing service but, as our symphony would say, I am also blessed to have had this experience, “to shed the light of love and friendship ‘round me,” and to share it with my sisters.

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