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The Consultant Chronicles: Coming Home to Alpha Chi Omega

alexby Alex Mallea
(Alpha Iota, University of Vermont)

You know the feeling when you’ve been away from home for a while? Going to a college that was three thousand miles away from “home” always made me feel so grateful when I was given the opportunity to travel home.  I found myself dressing a little nicer and anxious to see familiar faces.  The comfort of home was always something that I held close to my heart. 

Having the opportunity to travel as a chapter consultant for Alpha Chi Omega has been a dream come true. I can still remember thinking that I could not have wanted anything more at the time than to be a chapter consultant, and the exciting part is that after traveling for the first few months, I still have the same passion. Traveling for Alpha Chi Omega reminds me of home.  I get the feeling of instant comfort when I go to a new place once every five days because of the bonds of sisterhood that we already share.  During recruitment, women always encourage potential new members to choose Alpha Chi Omega as their home away from home. Being on the road has made me realize that “home” can be anywhere so long as you have your sisters beside you.  Some may think that traveling so often would make it difficult to create a feeling of home.  Living out of two fifty pound suitcases for months at a time and traveling between different time zones would be nearly impossible if I did not have the comfort that the Alpha Chi Omega women create.

When I reflect on my experiences over the last few months, each collegiate woman has been so welcoming and genuine.  I feel confident about the future as I see so many amazing women that are going to “set the world on fire.”  They have taught me that “home” is a state of mind, and if you give them the opportunity they can teach you so much more about life.  Only a select group of people have the opportunity to have their dream job fresh out of college, and I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to have one of the most rewarding experiences possible.

You learn to look for the small things to make your day. Be it waking up to a text message from another chapter consultant wishing you to have a great day or listening to your favorite Pandora station while you complete chapter reports at Starbucks; it is the small things begin to mean the most.  Being a chapter consultant for Alpha Chi Omega is finding out that you are not alone in your hopeless devotion for Alpha Chi Omega. It means waking up each morning excited for the next adventure.  Being an Alpha Chi Omega chapter consultant is finding out that no matter how far away you are from “home,” you’ll always have the values based organization that produces real, strong women to fall back on.  I am always so amazed with the women that I work with on a daily basis.  Although each may have their own personality, a common bond, much like a family, connects us all.


  1. Kim Monteaux |

    Amazing reflection Alex! Reminds me of your reflections from the Greek Leadership Class… Alpha Chi is so lucky to have you!!!

  2. jadall |

    Congratulations Alex! I am so happy that your dream job has been all you hoped for and more! Alpha Iota is so proud of how you continue to represent our chapter and our values!